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It’s 1808 . . .
and Grace is on board the ship Indispensable with her friend Hannah. The girls wonder what the new land will be like – the convict women say there are giant rats and other strange animals! Then sickness strikes the ship . . . Will they survive to reach the shores of New South Wales?



Comments on: "A friend for Grace – Sofie Laguna" (8)

  1. Julia said:

    I have read all four of the Grace books and I absolutely loved them. They are about a girl named Grace who lives in the year 1808. She is on a ship to Australia because she stole three apples to give to a horse (which is in the first book ‘meet Grace’). Everyone on the boat is saying Australia is going to be very different and that there are giant rats and things. On the trip to Australia Grace make a friend called Hannah, Grace and Hannah are the best of friends and Hannah’s mum who is also on the ship takes care of Grace as like she was her own child. I would definitely recommend reading this book if you love great friendships and Australian history.


  2. viktoria said:

    I loved this book but its really easy to read I wouldn’t read it if you are looking for something challenging but its really good if you just want to enjoy the book. Its based in the earliy times when convicts got transported on ships. Grace is the main character, her and her mum sail on a ship to Australia and thats where Grace meets her friend Hannah and the whole book is based on the ship with Hannah I would definitely recommend reading the first books before this one I would rate this book 4 out of 5πŸ˜ƒ


  3. i have read all four books they are all entertaining its about a girl called Grace that get shipped over to Australia and on the ship she meets a new friend. i liked reading this book it was entertaining i would recommend this book to lots of people because its a adventure all throw the the books i give it a 7.5 out of 10


  4. Tahlia said:

    I have read all four of these books in my primary school, my teacher wanted to tell us about how different it was back then and how over the years it has changed a lot. Grace was a Mudlack witch is when you have to walk around in a river bare footed and if you found something you had to give it to the man that was standing there ( who was a rich man), then one day she found a hammer and didn’t give it to the man but then a boy sole it off her a then she try’s to find it. Then she gets shipped to Australia and some people died on the trip to Australia. Then she gets a new family and misses her friend and then she finds them and she and her friends lived happily ever after!!


  5. I loved this book. I also really like Grace as a character. I recommend this for kids graces age and feel the same age as her! -10 years old, my rating- 9/10!


  6. i loved this book as soon as i read the first paragraph. the history and technique the writer use to make it very historic was great. this book gives you an idea about how strict the law was back then and how a little girl like could get sent to jail for stealing a little apple. this book was great to read and i would recommend for everyone to read them all. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  7. Ebony said:

    I liked this book because it was about history and I love history so much. Its about a girl called Grace and she is sailing over to Australia on a Ship because she stole three apples and rode away on a horse in the first book which is Meet Grace. I think the series are great and I think you should read them all!!


  8. a friend for grace is about a child and her mum sailing on a boat over to Australia for England. my favourite person was Hannah she was the friend grace found on the boat and she was kind and thoughtful.I would suggest this book to people who are 10 to 12 years old.


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