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Comments on: "MALEFICENT (MOVIE)" (4)

  1. I love this movie. My favourite character is Maleficent because when she went evil and she got her revenge from the prince when he stole her wings. My lest favourite but of the movie when no really like her where she lived. I would recommend this movie to 11+


  2. Maddie said:

    Maleficent was a great twist to the original Sleeping Beauty! It starts when Maleficent was a young fairy, with amazing brown feathered wings. She then meets Stephan, a young boy from the village, who then betrays her when they are older. It shows Maleficent’s side of the story, and how she wasn’t in the wrong. Maleficent looks over Aurora as she grows up, as the three fairy’s are hopeless. The whole story puts everything into perspective, and you wonder if other disney “Villains” have their own side too. The movie has lots of magical and happy things, as well as dark and gloomy parts, such as the wall of thorns. I also liked how it showed us that you don’t need a man to save you, you just need someone close to your heart. I recommend to any disney lovers out there or if you like twisted fairytales!


  3. I am a HUGE fan of this movie!!! As a disney fanatic, I loved how the directors of this movie have used the ‘girly’ and ‘cliche’ tale of Sleeping Beauty, and changed it into a story that consists of twists, turns and amazing graphics. it makes us [viewers] finally understand why villians are the way they are, and how events of the past can change us to who we are today. Absolutely love Angelina Jolie, and Elle Fanning in this movie as they play their parts so well! I don’t want to spoil anything, but it is DEFINITELY worth a watch, especially if you love Disney. Rate a 10/10 and recommend for ages 11+ [as young ones may not understand the dark themes]


  4. Mietta said:

    I absolutely LOVED this movie!! My favourite part was when Maleficent said “I cast this spell on her because there is no such thing as true loves kiss!” and then when she kisses “Beasty’s” cheek she wakes up, it shows that not every fairytale’s happily ever after is being with the man of your dreams. My favourite character was the crow because even though he did evil things for Maleficent, he still had a soft spot for Aurora. I would defiantly recommend this movie to all of the classical disney lovers!!


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