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Comments on: "SUPERGIRL (TV SERIES)" (3)

  1. I recommend the TV series, Super girl. This show is Based around Superman, super girl is superman cousin. it cool how they say she is from another planate. i would rate this show a 8/10


  2. I love this show I started watching it in the holidays and it only took me 2 days to watch because I was watching it straight with only a few breaks


  3. Georgia said:

    I recommend the TV series, Supergirl. Based around the idea of Superman, this TV series shows Kara Danvers, Superman’s cousin’s, life on earth as a Kryptonite. The first season is the only season available to view however the second season airs very soon. Kara Danvers works as an assistant as a major media empire with her friend Winn and it’s only when she is forced to use her powers does National city her hometown really show interest in their very own superhero. She fights crime in the city whilst working at a media empire just like Superman. The TV series is based around the comic book superhero of Supergirl including Superman as well, however adapted to fit the DC Cinematic Universe. I love this TV series so it is very hard to pick a part where I could change or do not like. My favourite character is Kara or Winn, or there friendship. Both characters aare passionate about their jobs and always hiding something that is so interesting to uncover. I really enjoy the concept as I am a big fan of superheroes and I wouldn’t change anything abut it. I recommend this TV series to people who like anything superhero based and drama. I give it 8/10!


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