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the-horses-who-healSue Spence is a gifted horsewoman, who has made it her life’s work to use her horse whispering skills to help humans.

All her life, Sue has found solace and companionship with her horses. After a brush with cancer in her late thirties, Sue and her husband opted for a tree change. As a result, she was able to fulfil a long-held dream: to work with horses every day. Her horse training and compassion for others quickly turned into a business, Horses Helping Humans™ – giving people a chance to learn from these intelligent, soulful creatures, including Sunny, the horse with whom Sue has a special bond.

Horses Who Heal is the story of one woman’s deep love for horses and the powerful life lessons they’ve taught her along the way. With Sunny always by her side, Sue’s equine team are inspiring others on their own journey of healing, helping thousands of people – from juvenile offenders to company CEOs – discover the power of communication, using more than just words.
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  1. ‘horses who heal’ is an autobiography by Sue Spence. Her autobiography is a story about Sue, the gifted horsewomen and the lives she has transformed. Susanne is an inspirational lady who grew up in New Zealand, and when she was old enough she moved to Australia. At a very young age Sue wanted a pony, she first needed to learn how to ride, so at age 2 Sue’s parents took her to a riding school. she began first practicing on a barrel to get the movement of how a horse would actually move under her. After a while Sue moved onto a little pony named Blackie, now we can all imagine what he looked like. After learning to ride on Blackie, Sue moved up more horses until her parents decided it was time. Sue’s first ever pony was called Sandy, she was a beautiful palomino and she gave Sue all the confidence she needed. On Sue’s first day of school she realised she was different. She never felt safe in the classroom and was always getting in trouble for not concentrating. Sue was also bullied for being ‘horse mad’ and not being able to learn the same way as the other kids at school. This is how Sue’s anxiety developed. Sue would rather be out doors playing with the animals or riding the horses. Horses healed Sue’s anxiety and made her feel safe. After graduating Sue moved to Australia. She started work as a fitness teacher and taught aerobics. Sue pushed her body to the limits and didn’t even notice. When Sue exercised it was like all the anxiety and depression would lift off her shoulders, so thats why Sue didn’t know when to stop. But guess what! Sue still had a soft spot for horses. She had two sons named Daniel and Jake. At age 28 Sue’s dad passed away from bowel cancer at age 70, leaving a hole in Sue’s heart. He was such a gentleman in every way and made her smile. Sue also had a battle with her own health and it was her horses that helped her overcome her life biggest challenges. One day Sue was riding, she had an idea. Horses had helped Sue so much so why not show people how horses can heal them as well. Sue made a business called ‘horses helping humans’ This was a very successful business and helped people all over Australia with anxiety and other mental illnesses. Sue’s business has helped peoples trust and show what partnership and respect between horse and human looks like. Sue still lives in Australia and still is horse mad, and going through this amazing journey has taught her and the people around Sue, that anything is possible.
    i recommend this book to any horse lovers out there, its an inspirational book that is a great read.


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