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21385579Jessica Cole is just your average teenager, except when she’s strutting down the glamorous catwalks of Paris. When her father — a former spy — vanishes mysteriously, Jessica takes matters into her own hands. She’s not just good at striking a pose, she’s going to take on MI6 and beat them at their own game.

Following her father’s trail, Jessica’s investigation lands her hot on the heels of a deranged former supermodel Allegra Knight, who plans to unleash mayhem on an unsuspecting teenage population with the launch of her new miracle face cream, Teenosity.




Comments on: "Code Red Lipstick (Jessica Cole: Model Spy) – Sarah Sky" (1)

  1. Model spy is such a great book! It’s about a high school girl Jessica who is a part time model with a family full of spies. When her house has a break in, her dad goes missing on a mission and everyone think he’s the bad guy- she has to take things into her own hands. On a “modeling trip” to Paris she has to juggle the dangerous life of being a spy and the glamour life of being a model. Can Jessica prove her dad is innocent? This book has shock after shock, humour, mystery, action and don’t forget romance!. Perfect book for ages between 10-16 really recommend you to read this book.


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