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Comments on: "How to be single (movie)" (7)

  1. How to be single is a very humorous movie. It’s the perfect “Girly Movie” to watch at sleepovers with your friends. Rebel Wilson is very outgoing in this movie showing off herself to everyone. I recommend this Movie for mainly girls over the age of 12. It’s not a movie you would watch as a family, it’s a movie you watch with friends. I think that everyone should watch this movie if you like a girly movie.


  2. Hayley said:

    How To Be Single is a really funny movie. Sometimes it got boring, but not often. I enjoyed the story line of it however sometimes the characters got a bit annoying. It was really funny nonetheless and had me laughing pretty much the whole time. I would still watch it again as I enjoyed the romantic aspect of it all. I would recommend to people who love a coming of age story about change who love a bit of comedy and romance.


  3. How to be single is a great movie that tells the story of two girls living the New York life. They are both single and throughout the movie experience different relationships. They give each other “advise” on how to be single. I would recommend this movie 100% for anyone wanting a laugh, although can be a little inappropriate for younger people.


  4. great chick flick. Went to the movies to see it multiple times and enjoyed it equally as much. Really great cast that help to portray realistic and relatable characters with a good dose of humour. I love the setting of New York, really adds to the ‘stereotype’ of someone looking for love. I’m not a huge fan of Rebel Wilson but I really enjoyed her acting in this film and thought she was very funny. I would recommend this movie to everyone, maybe more so girls. Make sure you have some popcorn though! I would rate it a 10/10


  5. How to be single is a comedy movie that explores love life in its rawest form. This movie follows the story of a girl who is trying to find out who she is through other people, but what she doesn’t realise is that the way to find herself is to just be by herself. Australian actress Revel Wilson, stars in this movie and makes it a true comedy. Her famous touch to her movies really shines through in this movie, making every minute amazing. I would recommend this movie to all


  6. I recommend the movie ‘How to be Single’. I think we all know why we want to watch it, it has Australia’s number 1 best actress, I think. Rebel Wilson. We have all seen her work in ‘Pitch Perfect’ and if that doesnt persaude you to watch her work in ‘How to be Single’ than I dont know what will. The movie is based on all America drama filmed in New York, what could be a better setting than New York when the movie is based on American life. It’s set on 2 ordinary girls living in New York living the moment of being single. After the period of being single, they experience having boyfriends and give eachother unpratical advice and how to accomplish this goal. This is based from the trailer and believe me the trailer does a better job showing scenery than me explaining. Rebel Wilson is a comedian and thats what hits the 5 star rating of the show, along side Dakota Johnson being the pretty one. Their partnership brings this movie to life. I highly recommend you to watch the movie and I havent seen it yet but from the trailer its an absolute thriller, romance genre.


  7. recently i just came back from watching how to be single! this is a funny movie but would rate it for 15 and over as it can be a bit rude at some times!!! Overall i loved this movie and if you are 15 or over i think you will too!!


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