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Comments on: "Portal 2 (Video game)" (3)

  1. Hayley said:

    Portal 2 is the best game ever! It’s to first video game I actually finished and I absolutely adore it! It follows a story line but you mostly work your way though mini challenges really making you think about logical puzzles and how to complete them. It’s not only suspenseful towards the end but it’s so enjoyable to play and pass the time. I really love this game so much I have played it that many times it’s crazy. I would rate this 11/10!!


  2. Angelina said:

    Portal 2 is an extremely fun game! The puzzles are engaging and it is always especially fun to use the portal gun! It can be very challenging to go through each level and it can take you hours to figure one level out but it’s only as you progress through the game. I also love the characters because they are just so loveable and have unique personalities. The storyline was also engaging and mysterious. Overall I would rate this game a 10/10 as it is really fun and engaging!


  3. I would like to recommend the video game, Portal 2. Portal 2 was the first video game I ever managed to complete, and so it quickly became one of my personal favourites. This game is puzzle-based and the player completes level upon level of puzzles using their dual-portal device, or more commonly known, portal gun. During the journey through the Aperture Science Laboratories, you meet a friendly robot, Wheatley, and together you attempt to escape the laboratory. This game is rated PG as there is no gore whatsoever, and the only violence you encounter involves taking out sentry turrets with the use of your portal gun. I rate this 10/10 as it is an amazing game!


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