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  1. Insurgent is a great film that really keeps you captivated and on the edge of your seat at all times. Insurgent follows the protagonists on their fight to keep the ones they love safe. It is a nice flow from the first film and is still jam packed with action and romance. Insurgent shows that those who are believed to stand out from society can play crucial and necessary roles in the survival of many innocents. This film opens your eyes to a world of destruction and how a handful of individuals can stand united to protect the ones they love. It is an amazing film that I would rate a 10/ 10 because of all the action that is embedded into the story line.


  2. I really liked Insurgent and thought it was a great movie. It wasn’t as good as the first movie, Divergent but I think it had a great story lie and flowed well from the first movie to the second. Like the first movie series, Insurgent is jam packed with action and there is never a dull moment. There is always something happening and the best part is that it is unpredictable. I would rate this movie a 8/10 and recommend for anyone over the age of 11.


  3. OMG I was so excited when this movie came out in the cinemas I went and saw it with my friend because she is also in love with the divergent series. I didn’t like how Tris cut her hair, I think it suited her better when it was longer. It was such a interesting story line and flowed beautifully from the first movie. I like how important family is to Tris, how she is always with her brother and fights to keep him safe. It was such a good movie but it can’t end like that, like it got me so angry because all I wanted to do was keep watching. I recommend this for people who like action, romance and drama.


  4. Ingrid said:

    This movie is amazing! I have also read the book which way better than the movie. My favourite character is still probably Tris, though I also love Tobias now because he is starting to show his soft side as he is opening up to Tris. He cares deeply about her and would do anything to keep her from getting into trouble/dangerous situations. My favourite part would have to be when Tris was held in Candor faction and was put under truth serum with Tobias to make sure they were telling the truth about how evil Genine Mathews was and her plan to take over all the factions and how she was behind the almost murder of the entire abnegation faction. It was heartbreaking when Tris had to let it slip that she had accidentally killed her friend Will in front of her best friend who loved him. I rate this a 10/10. So dramatic!! 🙂


  5. The Insurgent movie is definitely one of my favourites. It is an interesting movie and definitely for those who love adventurous types of movies. I loved every minute of it and think that all the actors especially Theo James and Shailene Woodley did a great job. I can’t wait for Allegiant to come out and I recommend Insurgent if you liked the first movie Divergent or love a bit of adventure and romance. I give this movie a definite 10/10.


  6. Insurgent is a great movie, and it follows Divergent extremely well! Insurgent is an action packed movie that always has you on the edge of your seat. I love watching the relationship between the two main characters and also how the movie ends! My favourite character would be Tris, as she is always being so strong and protecting those who mean a lot to her. My favourite part of the movie would be near the end where there is a twist. I would recommend this movie to all ages 12+ and who have seen divergent. You would have to watch Divergent to know what Insurgent is about. I rate this movie a 9/10, and hope you all enjoy it!


  7. Insurgent is a great movie packed with adventure, action and a little bit of romance. Insurgent is such a great follow on from the first movie and it flows so smoothly.
    The actors/actress who play in this movie connect with their role so well and it is amazing to watch them become their role and show all the different emotions that they portray.
    My favourite character in Insurgent would have to be Tris because she shows so much determination, has lots of courage, is persistent and strong. She shows herself and is tested to the limits in many ways but not once does she give up as she is determined to find out what the box truly is about.
    I recommend that everyone watches Insurgent as it is a great is packed with action, even more than Divergent and I promise you will be at the edge of your seat the whole time wanting to know what will be happening next.
    I rate Insurgent a 9.5 out of 10


  8. Insurgent the movie was great I absolutely loved it. I was so excited to go and see it because I loved the book series and loved Divergent the first movie. I was not disappointed when watching Insurgent and it was even better then I imagined. I love the way we see the relationships grow and in some cases fall apart. The movie had me on the edge of my seat through out the whole movie when watching it never knowing what was going to happen next. There was so many parts in the movie that I loved one of my favorite scenes was when Tris is under the sims. I loved seeing the relationship grow between Tris and Tobias and see how much they care for each other. When leaving the theatre I wanted to sit down and watch it again. I can’t wait for Allegiant the movie to come out. I highly recommend Insurgent if you liked the first movie Divergent. I give Insurgent 10 out of 10.


  9. Georgia G said:

    This movie was very different to the book but had the same ideas represented.
    My least favourite part was when caleb was helping jeanine with her evil plan to get all divergence and try and open this mysterious box.
    My favourite part was when peter helped tris get out of erudite which I thought was good of him but then he still doesn’t have a side evil or good which really confuses a lot of people including me.
    Altogether this movie is great but the let down is that it was quite different from the book but I would recommend this movie to anyone over the age of about 12 or 13 and to anyone who loves a thrilling movie.
    I rate it a 8/10
    I cant wait for allegiant part one and two to come out though


  10. I recommend the Insurgent movie because it is a perfect movie to follow the first movie, Divergent. Although the movie didn’t have most details to the book, I still enjoyed watching the movie and loved every minute of it! Shailene Woodley is the perfect person to play Tris because she fulfils every detail, emotions and action Tris has ad does. Theo James plays Four (Tobias) nearly perfect but personally at the start I didn’t think that he was the perfect person to play him. As the movies, both 1 and 2, played out I got to love the way he portrayed Four.
    This movie is action packed and had more action then Divergent. Although I was disappointed with the ending, I was still so excited that I had seen the movie.


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