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  1. Eleanor said:

    This Holiday is a classic love story I really loved this movie. Set in England and LA about two woman and their different love lives, it is a great family movie and could if you wanted be watched over and over again. Starring Jack Black, Jude Law, Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet in the movie is a real keeper. I would rate this a 9/10


  2. Hannah said:

    This movie is a real chick flick and very romantic!
    It is about a lady called Amanda played by Cameron Diaz and Iris played by Kate Winslet also starring in it Jack Black who is Miles and Jude Law who is Graham.
    It is about Amanda and Iris and how they swapped houses because they both want to get away during the Christmas holiday from their complicated lives. Iris went to Amanda’s house in L.A and Amanda to Iris’ house in Surrey, England. During this holiday Amanda falls for Graham which is Iris’ brother and Iris meets Arthur a very famous old man who used to be in the film industry, who is a neighbour of Amanda’s, She helps him get in to shape to get up and receive a lifetime achievement award. At the end of the movie Iris ends up falling for Miles who was a friend of Amanda’s x-boyfriend and that had been helping her through the preparation of Arthur, and Amanda ends up with Graham. My favourite sections of the movie was when Arthur went to get his award and he was expecting 11 people to turn up and when he walked in the room there were 100’s, it was a really happy moment and Arthur was so delighted to see so many people turned up. Another favourite part was when Amanda went to Graham’s house not knowing he had two children and finding out that, and then the two children lead her into their tent. I liked this part because it was so cute and special and it was a really cool the tent.
    My favourite character was Graham because he was so caring, kind and nice to everyone and he was pretty funny.
    This has got to be my favourite movie because it was so funny and romantic, just a REALLY fantastic movie! 10 out of 10!!!!!


  3. Who doesn’t love a romantic comedy filled with lots of laughs? Because that’s exactly what this movie is all about! As you probably already know, two beautiful girls, (Iris and Amanda) swap houses for two weeks, what you don’t know is what hilarious things will happen on their ‘Holiday’. I absolutely loved this movie and I recommend it to anyone who’s 12 and over. You can watch this movie again and again and will still laugh at all the funny surprises in this great film. My favourite character is Amanda, she’s pretty, funny and is really rich. One thing I love about Amanda is that she can’t cry, no matter how hard she tries. I cannot pick a favourite part because they are all so good! There’s nothing I would change in this great movie and I would rate it an 11 out of 10. If you don’t watch this movie you’re missing out on A LOT!!!


  4. I love this movie it a is a fantastic romantic comedy. I would recommend this for people that love romantic movies. i would also recommend it for girls 12 onwards. My favourite bit i liked about this movie was when they swap homes and then cameron diaz meets a guy and doesn’t think there were any guys there but then it turns out there is. I wouldn’t change a thing about this movie as my opion i think it is perfect as it is. I would watch this movie over and over again.So to see what happens i would watch this movie.


  5. This movie i would like to recommend to all the girls who love a good chick flick. This movie made me feel so happy and sometimes even feeling sorry for the actors. I think that this movie is good for ages 13+ because it has some things little kids won’t understand. Please borrow it and you will enjoy it. 😀


  6. I adore this movie. My friend and I watched it before she went away on holiday for 2 months. I love this movie because its funny and romantic at some points. I think that its a great movie to watch with a best friend. I like this movie because the two women swap houses and they realise in the end that they loved their stay but its time to go home. I would recommend this movie to anyone that likes a nice relaxation movie. I rate this movie 8/10


  7. This film is a great romantic comedy and I recommend it to anyone who likes them! I have watched this film many times but still enjoy this chick-flick!

    The film is about a rich, American movie-trailer maker Amanda (Cameron Diaz), who breaks up with her partner at the start and an English woman Iris (Kate Winslet) who gets her heart broken. Feeling like they both need to get away for the holidays they switch houses for two weeks.At first, Iris is astounded by grandness of Amanda’s house in LA and Amanda is not at all use to living in a small cottage. What they don’t realise is this holiday could be the best ever.

    I really like this movie because the characters are very funny -especially Jack Black. It has a great but simple story line which is very easy to enjoy. 🙂


  8. I absolutely adore this movie! It’s a wonderful chick flick, my favourite character is Iris and how she reacts at all the gadgets and how modern Amanda’s house is, it really makes you laugh ! Amanda is still yet a great character, trying to understand the weird ways of Iris’s home.
    I recommend it to anyone from the ages 12+ and it really is a feel good movie. It’s the movie version of that book you never want to put down !


  9. I love the movie ‘the holiday’. It is a fantastic movie and has an excellent story line and some fantastic actors and actresses. I think that Amanda (Cameron Diaz) is my favorite character as she is so funny and makes the movie enjoyable. It will be a movie you want to watch again and again and I recommend it to anyone and everyone.


  10. I also would like to recommend the movie “The Holiday” to everyone at SHC, as it is a heart felt and exciting romance movie. The main characters are Iris, an english woman that just found out the person she loves is getting married, and Amanda, an American movie maker that both want to swap houses. They both need a break from men and although they both meet guys, will the relationships last. This funny movie is great for families and my favourite character is Amanda. She can’t cry which is really weird but she’s really nice and you never know what’s going to happen next in her life. I love this movie and I would highly recommend it.


  11. would like to recommend the movie The Holiday, I loved this movie because the acting was so realistic and the actors were not like robots.

    The Holiday is about this english woman Iris (Kate Winslet) and this other american woman Amanda (Cameron Diaz) swapping lives. Iris meets Amanda’s friend Miles (Jack Black) and Amanda meets Iris’ brother Graeme (Jude Law)

    I thought it was funny that Amanda couldn’t cry but Graeme cried his heart out all the time!!

    Over all, I thought it was a terrific movie and i would highly recommend this movie to ages 11+


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