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Near the grounds of an abandoned mental hospital, a buried chamber is discovered. Inside are six bodies, one of which may be that of a girl who has been missing for two decades-the best friend of a woman, Annabelle, who has spent her childhood moving from city to city, from identity to identity, hiding from someone or something totally unknown to her. She’s been safe for several years now, but a single act of bravery plunges her right back into a life of fear. This is a rich, complex tale that juggles a handful of mysteries at once. Who is the killer, and could it be someone connected with a notorious child murderer? Who or what was Annabelle’s family running from? How did her father, a mathematician, know how to set up foolproof new identities? And why does an old sketch of a murder suspect look unsettlingly like Annabelle’s father?


Comments on: "Hide – Lisa Gardner" (2)

  1. Paige said:

    The novel Hide by Lisa Gardener is a truly captivating and suspenseful novel that incorporates areas of crime, action and romance. It follows a young woman named Annabelle and how her world can spiral out of control. This novel is about Annabelle triumphing as she sets out the beat the demons of her past which are the same demons that classify her as dead. It is quite a heavy read that can be complex and quite detailed. It can be very confronting but it really gives you an insight into the perspective of a young woman and how being classified dead can have such a strong and dark impact on her life. I believe this book is a fantastic read but would be much more appropriate for more advanced readers who have a familiar reading history of this type of crime and action as it can be very confronting in some parts. It is a truly captivating novel that should be read by anybody who has a fascination in the world of crime and mystery.


  2. This book review is on the book “Hide” by Lisa Gardener. it is about a young woman named Annabelle who wakes up one morning to find out in the newspaper that she has been declared dead. This book follows Annabelle’s journey of finding out why she was thought to be dead and her triumphs as she beats the demons of her past. This book is a action/crime/romance novel that i would recomend for those who enjoy a challenging, interesting read with loads of action. I think that this book would be appropriate for those who are more advanced reader because of the nature of the story and also because the structure of the book can be sometimes hard to understand. overall I would rate the book “Hide” 9 and a half stars out of 10!!!


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