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9781742752907Alice-Miranda and Millie have made a dazzling discovery in the woodlands near their school. They vow to keep the secret to themselves, but it seems that a greedy politician and a pair of old friends are searching for the same treasure.

Back at school, the sixth grade girls are preparing for a change to high school. Jacinta is being particularly grumpy with everyone and even with the most persistent questioning, no one quite knows why.

When Myrtle Parker’s husband awakes from his coma and disappears, Alice-Miranda puts on her detective hat. She’s determined to find Reginald Parker, deter the politician and uncover exactly why Jacinta is playing up.


Comments on: "Alice-Miranda shines bright – Jacqueline Harvey" (3)

  1. This book is a very easy read and i recommend it for people who are not huge readers. It is funny and and full of adventure. Alice miranda is a good series and i recommend it for any looking for a fun and easy book to read. i recommend this fro ages 9 – 14


  2. Tayla said:

    This is another one of the cute Alice-Miranda books that you will have you wanting to read it more and more! It is a very simple book to read but is definitely worth it as it lets your imagination run wild and free! I hope you enjoy this book! I would recommend it for readers aged 9+ and a rating of 8/10! If you’re looking for a good series, give Alice-Miranda a try!


  3. This is a great book and is a very easy read but is still full of adventure. I give this book a 7 / 10 and I would advise girls particularly above 10 to read this book.


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