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A few weeks after the planes crashed into the World Trade Center, journalist Megan K. Stack was thrust into Afghanistan and Pakistan, dodging gunmen, prodding warlords for information, and witnessing the changes sweeping the Muslim world.  Every Man in This Village Is a Liar is her riveting story of what she saw in the combat zones and beyond. She relates her initial wild excitement and slow disillusionment as the cost of violence outweighs the promise of democracy; she records the raw pain of suicide bombings in Israel and Iraq; and, one by one, she marks the deaths and disappearances of those she interviews.


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Comments on: "Every man in this village is a liar – Megan K. Stack" (6)

  1. This memoir follows the life of the young female reporter Megan Stack as she encounters the shattering effect of war head on after the 9/11 World Trade Centre tragedy that hit America in 2001. As she is thrust into Middle Eastern countries to report on the conflict at hand, she witnesses pain along with humanity in a different light to what she once thought to be true about the world.
    To be perfectly honest I found this book incredibly hard to read. At some points Stack would be very blunt with her descriptions on events in the book, and then follow up those blunt points with over the top recounting that seem to want to be overly poetic. Which I personally thought were not needed. The too different wording styles got annoying after the first couple of chapters, making it difficult to continue the memoir to the end.
    As this is a school book for year 12 i’d recommend this to those of 16+ years as you really need a good understanding of the world to understand what is going on. I’d rate it 2/5.


  2. Sarah said:

    Every Man In This Village Is A Liar, is a thrilling novel that tells the story of the war against terror. As much as this book was hard take in, it was an extremely educating and insightful novel into the world of Iraq, terrorist and suicide bombings. I found this novel a very heavy read, which took a while for it to really sink in although once it did, it was really deeply moving.
    Stack was able to tell us about true stories with real emotions and devastating outcomes and all at the some time, make her book educating and extremely insightful. After reading this book, I was able to come away with more knowledge about all things on the war on terror.
    I recommend this novel to a more mature audience of 15+.


  3. Karla said:

    ‘Every Man in this Village is a liar’ is a great book, that I enjoyed reading very much. It gave me a deeper understanding of the conflict in the middle east, and let me see it in a different perspective. The book can seem a bit disjointed at times, as it jumps from place to place at different times, but I found it very interesting. I recommend this book to anyone 15+, and highly recommend reading it! I give this book an 8/10!


  4. Every man in this village is a liar
    One of the year 12 texts is Megan Stack’s “Every man in this village is a liar”, it’s a long book and quite heavy content to deal with, but it’s a book based on reality and we have to remain open minded to it to experience how some people really have it. However, I won’t demean you for thinking it’s boring, admittedly I did find some chapters particularly a chore to have to read. It’s hard to follow when you don’t know the history, the names, the places, the people or live in a country like ours where nothing similar exists. But as you study it you’ll find some really thoughtful quotes and ideas. You don’t really form a connection with any characters, or choose a favourite, but you can certainly start to feel sorry for the author as she is the journalist who experienced this first hand. I think the book is hard to get into, but stick to it, you can learn a lot from it.


  5. I recommend Every Man In This Village Is A Liar written by Megan Stack. Although this book may seem ‘boring’ to some, it offers a great insight into the war on terror and allows readers to fully understand what events occurred as a result of the September 11 attacks. I liked this book because it gave me another perspective as to what really happened after these attacks and enabled me to see into the past and its events. The character I admired the most was Megan Stack herself because although she was not trained to report on issues such as combat, she went into the country anyway and gave it her best effort. She was put through many hardships and was tested in many ways, although this showed in how she was writing, she always seemed to be able to get through this and pushed herself to look beyond the superficial ideals of the war and find out what was really going on.This book is not for the lighthearted as it is a heavy look into the war and how different cultures had different views on the topic. I would recommend that more mature readers choose this book as I believe they would be better prepared for it and would understand it more. However, someone who was interested in history and especially this topic would find this book very exciting and would not be able to put it down.


  6. I recommend the novel ‘Every Man in this Village is a liar,” written by Megan Stack. This book is quite an amazing story of Megan who is a journalist traveling through different parts of Iraq, Afghanistan and other parts of the world. Her story reflects upon what she encounters over in countries during the war. She interviews a number of people and they place their trust in her. She has seen the fear on people’s faces and the horror of some of the places she visits, it reminds you how lucky we are to live in such a safe country. My favourite quote Megan mentions would probably have to be “Here is the truth: It matters, what you do at war. It matters more than you ever want to know. Because countries, like people, have collective consciences, memories and souls.” The novel is written beautifully and I loved every bit of it, because when you read it it feels like you are actually there with Megan on a journey looking through the eyes of those who have different stories to tell. It is very thrilling however dark, and emotional in some parts. I rate the novel 4/5 stars. I recommend it to those who like adventure, and are 12+. Enjoy 🙂


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