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6628674Alice and Tally have always been the queens of St. Cecilia’s. Between jet-setting to Rome and Paris on the weekends and sneaking out of their London boarding school for late night trysts, what’s not to love? Enter Dylan, the New York City girl who had a summer fling with Alice’s best friend (and new crush) Tristan. Now, the girls must defend their status as their charmed lives spiral into broken hearts, jealousies, and the most vicious of revenge plots.

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  1. Pretty On The Outside by Kate Kingsley tells the story of rich high school girls who are used to getting what they want. When Alice, the most popular girl at school, finds out that the new American girl had a summer fling with her new crush and best boyfriend Tristian she seeks revenge. This story was funny and shocking. It had me hooked within the first chapter. If you like the tv show Gossip Girl you will for sure love this series. It has the scandals, the secrets and the romance. It is cliché but sometimes that’s what makes a book so good, it has everything a girl wants to hear that loves fashion. Like Gossip Girl it gives an insight into how people live the high-life. I couldn’t wait to read the second book because it kind of finished on a cliff-hanger but also because I wanted to know more about the lives of these girls. Pretty On The Outside is definitely a book you want to read if you love stories like Gossip Girl.


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