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  1. Goosebumps is a different movie to what i would normally watch. I would say the theme of this movie is thriller, with imaginary characters.

    I really enjoyed the movie, it was very entertaining. My favourite character would have to be Zach, played by Dylan Minnette. He is very brave and had a lot of courage to try and save this small town from imaginary characters that came out of one of R.L stine’s book. I was very surprised when i found out that these evil cartoons were coming out of a book, it didn’t make sense to me, until i watched the rest of the movie. The imaginary characters that came out of the book are mostly evil, especially slappy who seems to think that he can do what ever he wants.

    i would recommend this movie to teenagers and older, i don’t think younger kids with enjoy this.


  2. georgia said:

    This movie was mainly based on the books by R.L Stine. This movie was action packed with excitment and lots more emotions. There was a lot of cliff-hanging moments in this movie! I would recomend this movie for over 7y because in some parts it can get a bit scary with all the monsters!! I rate this movie a 9/10 My favourite part was when the yeti was in ice rink.


  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, it was exciting, action-packed, full of twists and turn and suspense. I thought it was hilarious, with all the little jump scares throughout the whole movie which made you laugh at all the screams that filled the cinema. It was a fun and entertaining movie to watch full of humour and something to make you laugh as well as be scared at what might happen next. It kept you captivated and at the edge of your seat. The characters were very interesting and easy to become emotionally invested in as well as an amazing storyline with lots of unexpected twists. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a thrilling yet humourous movie to watch, I absolutely loved it!


  4. Goosebumps didn’t seem like the type of movie I would be interested as I never really knew what it was about, yet after watching it, I realised I was very wrong. The story line was very intriguing and I even found myself a little scared at some parts. I liked the start where all of the characters were let out of the books as this is where the action started. My favourite character was Jack Black who played R.L Stines as he was a very mysterious and interesting character. I have never read any of the books before but I certainly learnt a lot about Goosebumps and this movie makes you want to read the books. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is in high school or older as this movie does get quite scary at some parts. I would rate it a 7/10 as the story line was a little complicated and some parts of the movie were on for too long which meant viewers got a little bored.


  5. Goosebumps was really enjoyable and unusual. It is really great for the family and has some great actors involved!! It’s a really thrilling movie with lots and lots of twists and turn that you will not expect. I recommend it for anyone of any age looking for an adventurous movie. I rate it a 7/10.


  6. i thoroughly enjoyed going to see this film. It is totally unpredictable and a great horror comedy. I love jack Black in this movie and would definitely recommend it to anyone that enjoys comedy or horror as it is a perfect mixture of both. The characters are very well portrayed and the storyline is such a smart idea. I love the connection between the characters and especially the unexpected ending.


  7. Charli said:

    I really enjoyed this movie. The hilarious character, unexpected twists and frightening monsters all make this a great movie. I was excited to see Jack Black, playing R.L. Stines. He really portrayed a funny yet mysterious charector. Goosebumps really interested me, and kept me guessing till the end. It has a mix of comedy and adventure, making it a captivating movie. I would definitely recommend you to watch it!


  8. Goosebumps is a movie based off the original books.
    With Jack Black as the main character, of course it is hilarious. There are many twists and turns, as all of the monsters come alive! There is so much anticipation as the characters take us on an unforgettable journey. I absolutely love this movie an would highly recommend it to anyone seeking fun, humour, and a cliff-hanging movie.


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