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cvr9781416994008_9781416994008_hrAll’s fair in love and war…

Now that Alice and Tally are back on top at their posh boarding school in London, they have more important things to deal with: boys. Alice is struggling to get over her ex-boyfriend, which leads her right into the arms of a mysterious (and possibly bad) new boy. Meanwhile, Tally is walking a thin line as she cozies up to her hot English teacher. Both girls are flirting with disaster, and the heartbreak may be more than they can take…


Comments on: "Everything but the truth – Kate Kingsley" (1)

  1. Nothing But The Truth by Kate Kingsley is the second book to Pretty On The Outside. It is the continuation from where it left off. Alice tries to forget about Tristian after he break ups with her by concentrating on another boy. But will he be what she thinks he is? This book was filled more drama than the last. Every single character is going through some sort of issue and makes the story complicated but more and more intriguing. This book just keeps you wanting and knowing more. I loved reading this book so much, it is an easy book to read but it’s got a good story line. There is a third book to the series and I can’t wait to read it. I enjoyed reading every minute of this book and I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that likes the tv show Gossip Girl, you will love this series. It’s a real girly book with lots of drama, once you read the first chapter you are hooked all over again.


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