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  1. The Karate Kid is an amazing movie that I recommend to everyone. This movie shows the mixed emotions the main character Daniel Larusso (acted by Ralph Macchio) goes through. Throughout the movie his emotions change, from sad, happy, excited and nervous. Throughout the movie you get to see Daniels struggles from moving schools due to his mothers job. After Mr. Kesuke Miyagi sees Daniel struggling with getting beaten up at school and feeling like he is not fitting in Mr. Kesuke Miyagi changes that and teaches Daniel Karate in order to defend himself.


  2. Alexandra said:

    The Karate Kid Part 1 (made in 1984) is a fantastic movie. Even though it was made before my time I still found it extremely entertaining. It is about the story of Daniel Larusso ( Ralph Macchio ) as he moves from New Jersey with his mother to California. He has troubles with bullies at school who know karate. When Daniel is about to give up he meets Mr Miyagi ( Noriyuki ‘Pat’ Morita ) the local maintenence man who then becomes his best friend and Karate sensei. I really loved this movie because it is full of action and it shows not to be afraid of a bully. The great thing is that you don’t have to know or be a fan of karate the sport to enjoy the movie. It keeps me entertained from start to end no matter how many times I have watched it. I really recommend that everyone should watch this movie.


  3. Bridget said:

    The karate kid is an amazing movie. This movie is inspiring, funny,sad and all in between.My favourite character was Mr Miyagi because he was really
    smooth and calm about everything but still achieved success in the end. I think the film was pieced together really well and flowed beautifully. I would recommend this movie to all ages because it shows belief and encouragement to succeed your dream.


  4. alyssa said:

    the karate kid is an amazing movie and my favourite by far. i love it so much because its inspiring, funny, sad and happy. my favourite part in the movie is at the end. my favourite characters are Daniel because he had such a hard time in china but he just kept trying. i would recommend this movie to people 8+ because any younger properly wouldn’t get the story line. this is a MUST SEE movie. 🙂


  5. WOW! The Karate Kid is such an great film. I loved every minute of it. My favourite character was Mr Miyagi because he was really
    smooth and calm about everything but still achieved success in the end. My favourite part of the movie was defiinately when Mr Miyagi
    made Daniel scrub all the cars clean to create the correct hand movements needed to block any attaks froom the opposition.
    My least favourite character was definately Daniels bully of a class mate because he was continuously making life difficult for Daniel
    for no particular reaon. This really annoyed me. I think the film was pieced together really well and flowed beautifully as nothing was
    out of place. I would recommend this movie to people of all ages because it is funny and creative. I watchied it with my 4 and 7 year
    old cousins and they loved it and could not stop running around the house pretending to fight the bad guys!! This film should definately
    be on your MUST SEE list!! 🙂


  6. ok movie. but i still cant work out why it is called karate kid when he learns kung fu?? …. but it has a couple of cool scenes. didnt really like it though as it was so predictable and i cant stand those movies. it was so stereo type that i couldnt help but criticise it the whole way through!


  7. I really didn’t like this movie because it was kind of predictable and Daniel always overreacted over little things like getting bullied and having his bike trashed and about moving. My favourite character is Mr Miagi because he is so wise and funny especially the way he says bonsai. It was interesting the way he taught Daniel to block attacks and build up muscles by sanding the deck and painting the fence.


  8. The Karate Kid (Part 1) is a classic movie. This 1984 film follows the story of Daniel LaRusso aka Daniel-san (played by Ralph Macchio) who has just moved from New Jersey to Reseda with his mother.
    While having trouble with class-mates (who know karate) Daniel meets Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita), who teaches him to grow bonsai trees and eventually becomes his karate teacher.
    It’s a coming of age story about standing up to the bad guys in life, getting the girl and multiple ancient Okinawan sayings (which Mr. Miyagi throws out the wah-zoo like he’s Yoda ^-_-^ and speaks broken English like Yoda too).
    By the end of the movie you’ll be able to wax a car and sand a deck like a pro, but remember “Karate for defense only”.
    If you like action and comedy then this is probably a movie you’ll love.
    I recommend it to anyone aged 10 and up, 80s movie enthusiasts and anyone who has seen the 2010 version of The Karate Kid (I hear it isn’t as good as the original). Fans of Ralph Macchio and The Outsiders will probably also enjoy this movie.


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