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It’s the worry you hadn’t even thought to worry about that should worry you the most.

At least that’s how it looks to Clarice Bean, who has been writing her worries in a notebook.

Things like Worry no. 1: infinity, or Worry no. 3: change. And now that her worst never-imagined worry has happened

— her utterly best friend is moving away forever —

Clarice doesn’t even care about her tickets to the Ruby Redfort, girl detective, movie premiere.

That is, unless something happens to change things again. . . .


Comments on: "Clarice Bean, Don’t look now – Lauren Child" (16)

  1. The story of Clarice Bean is just fantastic! Clarice is such a young girls, but she seems so smart and witty. I definitely feel like Clarice and I have many similarities so I think that’s partially why I enjoyed this book so much. I love how the author incorporated real life examples that we can also relate to into the story line. Ruby Redfort is such a fantastic character and I can definitely see why Clarice loves her. This book is purely fantastic and I definitely recommend it as a great read.


  2. I have always loved this book as it was the first ‘big’ book I ever read. Lauren Child is a fantastic author who is able to catch the attention of 8 year olds, their parents and everyone in between. This is a beautiful story of a young Clarice Bean who best friends Betty Moody is moving away, and she is forced to be stuck with the new girl. This is a classic tale of self realisation and acception. I would recommend this book to all ages as it is a fantastic read.


  3. I thought that Clarice Bean Don’t look Now is a very funny and amazing book. This book has a great storyline. This book is about a girl named Clarice Bean, and one day her best friend Betty Moody tells Clarice some bad news she is moving. When Betty has gone a new girl comes to Clarice’s school. Clarice thinks that the new girl is rude and mean. It turns out that she was just trying to become friends with Clarice and the new girl is actually really nice. I would recommend this book to girls ages 10 and above. I rate this book 9.5/10 it was just amazing and I think that Clarice Bean Don’t Look Now is one of my favourite books now!


  4. Charlotte said:

    This is sadly the final book in the “Clarice Bean” series. I was really sad to find that this was the last one but I was glad that it is slightly longer then the other 2 books. I think that anyone and everyone will love the Clarice Bean series as they are funny and quite a good short read. I would recommend it to people 8 years and up and rate it 9.5/10 🙂


  5. This is the book, that really lets us know who Ruby Redfort is. Lauren Child has cleverly interoperated the stories of Ruby Redfort into the story of Clarice Bean. The easy read book with the additional attractions of highlighted words and creative pictures makes reading this book fun as well as intriguing. Clarice bean is a wonderful character who many can relate to. I would rate this book a 8/10 and recommend it for people age 10 and above.


  6. alyssa said:

    Clarice Bean ‘Don’t look now’ is one of my favourite books and has been ever since i first read it. I love the language she uses because it makes the book funny. I can relate to most of the things she talks about because i also have a little brother. i really enjoyed reading about her life because it had so many different emotions and it always makes me laugh no matter how many times i have read it or what mood i am in and it was also a quite easy book to read. i love all 3 of Lauren Child’s clarice bean book and would never get sick of any of them.
    I rate this book a 9/10 and recommend it to people aged 9+ who love funny stories


  7. I read this book not long ago and thought that it was a good book to have read. I enjoyed it even though it was quite an easy read. It was about a girl named Clarice Bean and her family, who to her is very annoying. From reading the other books this one is one of my favourites because I think that Clarice becomes a bit more mature.I would recommend this book for people aged 10 and up and would rate it a 6 out of 10.


  8. this is the 3rd book of its series and was probably my second favourite, in this book i found that it was as if the character had grown up at little bit which sort of made the book a little bit more interesting to read! plus it made it different yet connected to the other 2 books. the book deals with the issue of bullying which i think is great becasue it is such a common thing to happen to kids of all ages, on the side it also has her ‘love interest’


  9. Voldemort said:

    Clarice Bean, Don’t Look Now by Lauren Child is a really nice, happy, funny book about a young girl with a strange way of looking at things. She is a bit of drama queen and funny without trying or even noticing that she is. If you love the other books by Lauren Child and Charlie and Lola the television show, then this book is ideal for you. It is a great read for younger children (aged between 7 and 12) and possibly even teenagers if you like books like this. It is a sweet, childish book filled with funny lines, a young girls way of talking and thinking. I give it 3/5 stars


  10. i love reading clarice bean books because she always gets up to something. i think i enjoy reading about her because she is the same as me in ways. read this book to discover clarice bean and her brilliant way of putting things. This book is very addictive and you can’t put it down once you pick it up, sooooo BE CAREFUL!!!


  11. I’d love to have Clarice Bean as a friend. She seems so smart, funny and really nice. Clarice Bean ‘ Dont look now ‘ is a really happy book. If you’re having a rough day you can just count on this book to cheer you up as if it’s one of your best friends.

    A couple of years ago I started reading the Clarice Bean series. I fell in love with the series, the moment I started reading the first book.

    It’s a great book for younger readers as well as older readers. This series is different to any other Lauren Child books and clearly stands out from the rest of them.


  12. i loveeee this book. i have read all the clarice mcbean series. i love her shows too. Its all about her family, friends and her dramas. If you are a quick reader it will take you 2 days but if you are a slow reader t might take you a little longer. Anyone from the ages 7 up i reccomend to. It dosent matter if you are 50 or 15 or 10. It is such a great and humourous book. i would rate it 4 out of 5. If you read it you wont enjoy it you will love it.


  13. i love this book i got the whole seriers of the book it is like about her life and her friends, family and school. i think everyone would love this book. its just funny its for girls in primary school and it can be in high school. i remember the joy i had reading this book it is not big u can read it in a week if your slow reader and if your fast reader you will finsh in a day you get so in to it I LOVE IT


  14. i thought this book was really good. i have enjoyed reading lauren childs books. i have also read the book called utterly me clarice bean. i would recommened both books. my favourite one is clarice bean don’t look now. i would reconmmend this to any age.


  15. This is a great book its a book that you can not put down once you have started it is fantastic !!! You should definately read this book because you are missing big time !!
    i reconnmend this book for ages 7- 13 because i still love this book and i love reading it aswell !! greatt book i would read it any day !


  16. Clarice Bean-Don’t look now by Lauren Child is a really fun and good book. I really enjoyed this book because i felt like I could relate to Clarice in some parts of the book and I also just really likes it. It is about this girl called Clarice Bean. She has a huge family who all have something weird about them and her and her best friend Betyy are obsessed with the Ruby Redfort series. One day Betty gives Clarice some bad news that she is moving to America. once she has gone a new mysterious girl comes to clarice’s school and her name is Clem. At first Clarice thinks that Clem is really mean but it turns out that Clem has been trying to be friends with Clarice the whole time and is really nice. In the end they become really good friends and as it turns out Clem loves Ruby Redfort too! I really enjoyed this book and I would reccomend it to people who love good books.


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