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Comments on: "Cyberbully (movie)" (3)

  1. I really enjoyed Cyber bully because I found it was relatable and about things that happen in todays society. Its about a 17 year old teenage girl called Taylor. She is dealing with her parents recent divorce & very aware about her low social status at school. Taylor gets a computer for her birthday & develops a ‘cliquesters’ website , everyone starts posting mean things about her on her own page and then it gradullay becomes worse. I think this movie is really good for 12+ to make them aware of what can happen online. This movie made me cry a lot so make you have tissues. I rate this movie a 8/10 because the acting was really well done and I would watch defiently watch it again. 🙂


  2. When i first watched this movie i didn’t really know what to expect, Thankfully i have never been bullied that much, this movie is very sad but sends a good message. In the movie Taylor meets a boy online, her friend is worried so she makes an fake account to protect her friend but ends up spreading vicious rumours and buying her friend. Taylor was my favourite character, she played the role of the bullying victim, she stayed strong through it all and was very inspirational, although this movie isn’t based on a any particular case ( or not that i know of ) it was heart touching and a movie that i would recommend it to anyone over the age of around 13.


  3. I’d highly like recommend the film cyber bully ( 2011 ). I love this film and i can understand it from a personal level. The film makes me tear up every single time i watch it although im a real hard heart usually and don’t cry or tear up very often. I think i have watched the movie at least 20 times and I’m not sick of it at all. The whole outline of the movie is great !! i would mention some scenes of the movie but i think if i was i would give the movie away to much. And you wouldn’t want that. Well i know i wouldn’t. This movie is suitable for just about everyone over the age of 13/14.


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