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lowry_gathering_blue_coverGathering Blue, published in 2000, offers a disturbing yet hopeful view of the future that challenges readers to reflect critically on the social values and political directions of the present. It is the story of Kira, an extraordinarily talented young girl who finds herself suddenly orphaned and taken to live in a mysterious government compound near the center of her village. There she meets other equally talented and creative children, and together they discover the truth about themselves, their parents, and their society. In the end, Kira learns that in order for her village to survive and to prosper, she must overcome her own fears and break down age-old patterns of superstition and isolation so that she may “gather the blue.”



Comments on: "Gathering blue (The Giver) – Lois Lowry" (1)

  1. Gathering blue is the wonderful book of a young girl called Kira struggling through life in a small village. This is the second book of the Giver series and although it is very slow moving at the start it has a great storyline. My favourite parts in this book is when Kira is reunited with her father and he tells her why he can’t come home and why he has been gone so long, when Matty goes to look for blue for Kira and when Kira starts to grow her garden. My favourite character is Kira because she is very brave and independent and stands up for herself. Like the first book, this book seemed to end abruptly but luckily the 3rd book in this series picks up from where it left off. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed the giver and wants to read something inspiring.


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