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Chris is a country boy who grew up with a menagerie of pets and now,

along with his failed farm dog, Rusty,

has found himself working in a busy urban environment at Bondi

caring for all creatures great and small.

The book tells Chris’s story along with the funny,

zany and sometimes heart-breaking tales of his patients and their owners.

Dr Brown is on call 24 hours a day for emergency calls,

and a typical day can see him treat anything from dogs with cancer to a penguin with a cold.


Angus & Robertson


Comments on: "Tales from a Bondi vet – Chris Brown" (6)

  1. Nessy said:

    I highly recommend this book ! if you love the tv show the book is just as amazing. This book is perfect for animal loving people and anyone who has the dream of becoming a vet (like myself). Chris Brown is a truly inspiring vet who loves what he does, again I recommend this book I rate it 10 out of 10!


  2. isabel said:

    Bondi vet is one of my favourite shows! I love how he is never afraid to get his hands dirty and get in there. He tells us about the hard times he faced and how he pushed through and over come them, also some of the injuries he faced. This book is amazing for people who love animals, but I think everyone will love it, I sure did! I would rate this a 9/10


  3. I love Bondi Vet the show and the book. It is great that Dr Chris Brown is just a normal Aussie who is telling us what it is like to become a vet in Bondi. You get to see all different kinds of animals and experiences along side Chris and his team. This show i think is fine for any age. Even if you’re not a huge animal lover i still think it is worth watching for sure!! I would rate Bondi Vet a 8 out of 10


  4. Bondi Vet Is a great book and T.V Show. Dr.Chris Brown is just an ordinary man that became a Vet and ended working right on Bondi Beach. He does a lot for many different animals and humans life’s which many people are very grateful of his work. He is always on call 24 7 for emergency calls. He has a dog called Rusty. He is doing a fantastic job to let everybody how important it is to respect not only humans but animals as well, even if they are not a pet. It would be great book if you loved animals. He loves his animals and has seen things that have touched his heart. I would rate Bondi Vet a 9/10.


  5. Bondi Vet is a great book and a great show. Dr Chris Brown is just an average guy from the farm that became a famous vet, but the best thing about his story is that through all of his new- found fame, all he wants is to help animals. His love of all creatures great and small is so obvious in this book. He was obviously meant to be a vet.

    It’s really fantastic to see when good, kind-hearted people get recognised for doing a good job at what they love. In doing so, Dr Chris has been able to get the message out that animals should be treated with respect- an important issue to his heart.

    Bondi Vet is written from Dr Chris’ point of view. It’s a great read if you love animals and will give you immense insight into one of Australia’s most famous vets and the beautiful animals that have touched his heart.


  6. I recommend tale for a Bondi vet, i have read it and i think it is a fantastic book . it told buy Dr Chis Brown about some injuries he has had to deal with and how severe and crule people can be. i recommend this book for people who love animals


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