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Comments on: "Bones (T.V. series)" (6)

  1. I absolutely love this tv show, I have the suspense and engagement that the show gives to it audience. I personally love any thing to do with Forensic Science so this show is a personal favourite. I recommend this show definitely to someone who loves shows similar to this and looking for some action.


  2. I absolutely love the tv show Bones. It is jam-packed with mysteries and suspense, murders crimes and much more. I definitely recommend this tv show to all those who love shows like NCIS and CSI, it will leave you on the edge of your seat the whole time, I guarantee.


  3. Brooke said:

    This series is hands down my favourite tv series of all time to this day. I have managed to collect seasons 1-10 and will continue collecting until the show does not go on anymore. Every episode of the series there is a different case to solve and every case is unique and leaves you guessing until the very end! I always attempt to guess who the culprit is, but it is disguised so well throughout each episode, I rarely guess right. I love all the characters in the series as they are all so quirky and fun in their own little ways. My favourite character would have to Booth, just in front of Bones because he is always willing to joke about things but is always ready to fight crime at any time. He is a very strong FBI agent who doesn’t let anyone mess with him and from episode 1 or season 1 I awaited him and Bones’ relationship to flourish and for them to become more than just work partners. I don’t recommend this show for anyone who is squeamish about blood and gore, because this show is basically all blood and guts. I would recommend this show for anyone over 15 years old because the footage is fairly confronting and disturbing in some episodes which would not be suitable for younger kids. I give this show a 10/10 and I really hope they keep making more seasons of this great criminal intent tv show.


  4. Sophie said:

    I love Bones so much. It is an amazing tv show about a quirky and very serious anthropologist who loves her job and loves bones. She can tell all of these things such from a set of remains and when paired with an FBI agent Booth they solve murders. Its a great show and you will get sucked in guessing who did it. A lot of the episode centre on a different murder so there are a lot of blood and guts each episode, so if that makes you feel sick this probably isn’t a show for you. However I guarantee you will fall in love with this show and their quirky characters especially Dr Brennan or Bones, her nickname because she is a really strong and determined character who you can’t help but love. Bones is so amazing and I rate it 10/10 so get watching 🙂


  5. Chelsea said:

    There is something gripping about murder mysteries and Bones doesn’t disappoint. I love how serious and focused Dr. Brennan is and how she cares about the dead. A lot like Meghan from Body of Proof. I very much enjoy all of the episodes and how they just sucked me in! I must say it is a very addictive show! Each episode has tons of new twists to the case, giving it a great story line. I would recommend Bones to those about the ages of 14 or 15. Just as a warning, this show has mature content and is not for those easily sickened my blood and guts. I would rate Bones a 9 and a half out of 10!


  6. I really enjoy the TV series BONES! It’s packed full of drama and it gets really addictive! Every episode has a new twisted case that leaves you guessing until the end.I would recommend this show to people who can handle seeing blood and gory scenes, if you can’t I wouldn’t recommend you watch this show. This TV series is rated MA 15+ and I give it a 10/10! It keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end and you just can’t take your eyes off the tv screen until it ends!


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