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Comments on: "Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day (movie)" (5)

  1. Isabelle said:

    I loved this movie since I was able to watch it with my whole family and younger family friends, it was funny, engaging and was easy to follow and hear what was happening. It also makes you think before you wish something bad upon your family but I loved this movie and have used it many times to entertain younger kids after a long Friday night. I would suggest this movie for anyone wanting to laugh and have a fun time with your family.


  2. Even though the title for this movie is sooooooo long! i still LOVE this movie!!! it is funny and engaging and i think any age group from 7-100 would love it! i rate this movie a 10/10 and think you should watch it as it is GREAT!


  3. Paris said:

    I thought this movie was great for all ages because there are all different point of views in this movie and many hilarious and sad moments. its great how even tho everything bad happened that day the all came together at the end and made everything about the sons birthday i think that was really nice. i would give this a four out of five stars because it was such a funny movie that i think everyone can relate to.


  4. I thought this was a fabulous movie for young kids and teens it’s filled with humour and some sad times when you feel sorry for some of the characters. This movie was about Alexander who was about to turn 12 and he wishes that all his family have a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Which is what he feels he is having. As crazy as it sounds the wish comes true. The family begin to have terrible days and Alexander feels the blame. In the end he wishes he didn’t make the wish because he is the one that truly knows what it feels like to have a no good day. I recommend you watch this movie because it’s awesome and lots of funny things happen through out it! WATCH THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. I thought this was a great movie for all ages younger kids and adults too. It was very funny and had great humour into it. I thought it was entertaining and I personally really enjoyed watching it! This movie is about a boy Alexander who always feels like he has terrible days and that nothing works out for him, but it always works out well for his siblings and parents. He feels like they don’t understand at all. So on his birthday early in the morning he makes a wish for his birthday that everyone knows what its like to have a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day! And surprisingly the wish comes true…You must watch the movie to see all the very hilarious things that happen! I loved this movie!


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