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Rachel has just left school and she knows everything!  Well, maybe not quite everything.  Then she meets the mysterious Mr Preston, who gives her a live-in job looking after Grace – Grace with the lovely house, the grasping sisters, the feral neighbours and the spooky box full of unfinished business.  Grace who never speaks.

Who is Grace?  How do the pieces of her world fit together?  And what will it all mean for Rachel?  Told from Rachel’s gloriously eccentric perspective, this is an intriguing, compassionate, unexpectedly funny story about tasting love, finding grace and getting a life.


Comments on: "Finding Grace – Alyssa Brugman" (11)

  1. This book is one of my favourites to read. I really like the author Alyssa Brugman and the style in which she writes in, as it is highly relatable to teenagers and really easy to pick up and read. I like the relationship formed between Grace and Rachel and the other surrounding relationships especially how Rachel develops with her mum and begins to understand the harships she experiences. This book is not hard to read and very short so I recommend it for a quick and easy read that is also enjoyable. I rate it 9/10


  2. First off I have to say FINDING GRACE WAS AMAZING. I found out so many things, and I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover. Now that I’m at the end of the book, I can now officially say that this book was one of the sweetest books I have read and I think that it is very cute. I loved the ending of the book because it was nice and just lovely. I would read this book again, but in my opinion I think they should change the cover, so more people can love to read it like I did.


  3. The book is so great. I think the way it ended was a very happy end. I thought it was very sad what happened to grace when she got hit by a truck. I was a bit let down by the cover that is on the book i have. I like the new cover much better than the old creepy one.


  4. finished the book…… i give it a 5/10. It had some great moments but most for the time it was very very boring. My favourite part of this book was the ending because when Rachel hears Grace singing it solve the mystery we have been trying to find out the whole time. I thought this book could have more description and action-packed moments but for all those readers who like a real life story and a twist of mystery and cuteness this is the book for you!


  5. I have now finished finding grace and i absolute loved it. The ending was just perfect. At the start of the book i found it very, boring and didn’t want to read it, but i had to, and now i would love to read it again at my own pace and not have to stop at certain chapter’s. I would recommend this book to many people because of all the different feelings that are described in this book and the way that they are described. I really enjoyed this book and found it interesting. I loved it.


  6. Meg Badrock said:

    I didn’t get the chance to read this book for lit circles, but I thought I’d read it anyway and I really enjoyed it. It is so sad to think how dramatically Grace’s life has changed, but I think it is nice that Rachel is willing to look after her. This book is kind of like a mystery, there is always something else to learn about Grace’s life before her accident.
    I think the author has written this very well, it’s about uni student Rachel’s life, as well as Grace’s, and from this we can see the impact that Grace had on many people. You feel what Rachel is experiencing and get to know Grace, hoping that one day she will speak again. Although this book hasn’t got a very nice cover, I would definitely recommend it.


  7. I really enjoyed this book when I read it for lit. circles and I recommend it to everyone.

    Finding Grace is about a woman who has suffered brain damage and cannot look after herself.

    And then Rachel comes along, fresh out of school, and looking for a job. She finds herself as a live in carer for Grace. At first Rachel is scared by Grace and distances herself away from her. But further in the book RAchel starts asking herself some questions. Who is Grace? What was her life like? Who is this mysterious Mr. Preston that seems to like Grace and what is this ’spooky box’ of hers?

    If you want to know the answers you should read this book. I really enjoyed because its such a nice story and the book itself isn’t that big.


  8. inding Grace follows the story of a high school graduate Rachel. She thinks she knows everything until the mysterious Mr Preaston offers her a job as a carer for a woman named Grace. Grace was in an accident and now is unable to speak, move or control herself. As Rachel gets to know grace she learns about who she was before the accident and about her dreams for the future. this book made me think differently about disabled people and how they are treated in society. i really enjoyed this book.


  9. I must admit, the cover put me off this book as soon as i saw it. though once i got to know the characters and the story line throughout Finding Grace. It really gave me a different aspects to a lot of things for example, Once you experience different opportunities you can really get to known yourself as a person a lot more and what you really want out of life. Take a chance and do what i did, read a book out of your comfort zone!


  10. This is a very interesting and touching book. I recommend it to everyone who loves a feel good book. It will make you cry and laugh and smile, sometimes all at the same time. Even though the cover might put you off it’s a beautiful book that everyone should read.


  11. The saying ‘Don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ is, unfortunately, mostly ignored. This book is a great example of that.
    Finding Grace doesn’t have a great cover. That’s why I didn’t want to read it, even though I have enjoyed all of Alyssa Brugman’s other books.
    Grace has suffered a brain injury and needs a carer. Newly out of College and signed up for Uni, Rachel knows EVERYTHING and thinks this a good job for her.
    As she gets to know Grace, even though she doesn’t speak, she realizes that there is a erson inside her.
    Mr. Preston , who comes to see Grace often, is becoming good friends with Rachael.
    Will she find Grace? What was she like before the accident?
    This is a great book and I recommend it to anyone who likes to read.


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