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‘Ginger, Ginger, Ginger,’ said Mr Napier. ‘How did a nice family like yours end up with a person like you in it?’

Ginger is allergic to cats, which makes for mayhem at home. Three of her family love cats and five of them are cats.

Ginger tries to keep out of trouble but it’s not easy when your best friend is a fierce-looking stray dog. Trouble seems to follow Ginger around – including the dog-hating school principal Mr Napier …



Comments on: "Teacher’s pet – Morris Gleitzman" (2)

  1. his book,Teacher’s pet,by Morris Gleitzman, is about Ginger,who is allergic to cats,and is being picked on by the Vice Principal of her school,Mr. Napier because she had accidentally sneezed on him and made a cat scratch his head. In a recent wild dogs incident, she fought against the Vice Principal because he is going to hand the dogs to the pound, if no one is adopting them, they’ll be killed. Mr.Napier became the acting principal after the principal is wounded by one of the dogs and is over-using his power to cancel the pet’s day and to expel his enemy,Ginger. Read the book to find out what happens to Ginger and Mr. Napier. I think this book is suitable to students in elementary school because the story is happening in primary school.Only teachers in elementary school pick on students because middle school students will be able to fight back but primary students can’t.In this book,there are lots of evidence proving how Mr. Napier is picking on Ginger.For example,”Ginger,Ginger,Ginger”said Mr. Napier.”Sometimes I despair about you.How did a nice family like yours end up with a person like you in it?”and”What I don’t understand”he said”is why having your parents here affect your sister in the same way.She doesn’t lie and disobey and break school rules.These are all the evidence of Napier picking on Ginger.The evidence above explained Napier picking on Ginger by quoting how mean Napier is to Ginger. I really enjoyed reading this book and I would definitely reccomend it.


  2. I would like to recommend the book Teacher’s Pet, by Morris Gleitzman. It’s about a girl who’s whole life is based around cats. She lives with cats, shes even named after a cat (Ginger) BUT she is also allergic to cats. When Ginger finds a stray dog in the streets, she soons becomes very attached to it. However, this dog is accused of biting the school principal, and the vice principal becomes in charge, things change from bad to worse as he threatens to expel Ginger!! I loved this book, it was funny and interesting, but sometimes it was a little wierd…I would rate this 8/10 stars


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