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22395807Figgy has two problems. One is her name. Nobody in Ghana has that name. The other is that her grandmother is ill and needs special medicine. Figgy can’t do much about her name, but she can do something for Grandma Ama. She will go to America and bring back the medicine, and Kwame, her special goat, will go with her. Out in the wide world she will meet some bad people, but she will also find good friends.

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  1. I enjoyed Figgy in the World by Tamsin Janu. Figgy’s grandmother is ill and needs medicine. Figgy and her family live in Ghana so Figgy decides to walk with her goat to America. Figgy knows nothing of America and she doesn’t even know the proper name, she calls it the United stilts of America. On her way she meets a boy who becomes like a brother to her.
    I definitely think that the book “Figgy in the World” should be on


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