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Comments on: "Heartland (TV series)" (2)

  1. Heart Land is a TV show that is full of drama and most importantly horses! It is about a girl named Amy who’s mother died an now lives with her grandfather Jack. they go through many hardships but recover by love and happy moments. Definitely 10/10!!


  2. Heartland is a TV show that is absolutely epic! It has run from 2007 to the present and is up to it’s ninth season. I have watched every single episode and can tell you with absolute confidence it is amazing, complex, funny, warm-hearted and adventurous. It centres around this (at the beginning of season 1) 15 year old girl named Amy Fleming. She rides, trains, and heals damaged horses while juggling school, friendships, romance and family. Heartland is a horse show but that doesn’t mean that you have to know, ride or love horses to be able to enjoy this show. It has plenty of drama, romance and other characters which are entertaining even if you are not a lover of horses. My favourite characters are Mallory because she is the funny girl in the show and Tye because he is the love interest of the show and he is very good looking! I would rate this show a 9.5/10 only because it takes ages for Tye and Amy to get together. I would recommend this show to anyone about the age of 12/13.


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