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Homestuck begins when thirteen-year-old John Egbert receives a beta copy of an upcoming computer game, called Sburb, in the mail. Installing and running the game on his computer triggers a meteor attack on his real-life house, which he survives only by being transported to another planet, thus immersing him completely within the world of Sburb. As John’s friends Rose Lalonde, Dave Strider and Jade Harley join the game with him, they learn that they have unwittingly triggered the end of the world, and that it is their duty to play the game and thereby see the story through to its completion.


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  1. I love Homestuck and the adventures that the main protagonist, John, follows with his other friends and.. Aliens. It hasn’t been finished yet, although it should be by April and I’m in love with it. It started on John’s birthday and should end on his birthday which I think is fantastic. It’s extremely complicated and I still haven’t got my head around all of it, but I think that just makes it more fun.
    My favourite quote: “I told you dog! I TOLD you about the stairs!” My favourite character is Terezi, the blind girl troll.


  2. I would like to recommend a webcomic (if they can be recommended) called “Homestuck”. Homestuck was created by a very imaginative guy called Andrew Hussie, and is over 9000 pages long and counting, but DO NOT BE DETERRED! despite the slow and really confusing start the comic keeps on getting better and better, and pretty soon you get hooked! The comic is not a very child friendly comic due to violence and swearing, so I would only recommend to people aged 13+, although some of the things that people have created based around that can be a little odd and you may want to exit the tab pretty quickly. But despite all the weirdness that comes from it being popular to a very large group of people, it is popular for a reason. There are so many different characters and points of view to this Sci-fi adventure! The storyline begins by following the adventures of a group of kids as they attempt to survive a game that brings about the apocalypse, and transports them off earth to their own individual planets tailored to suit them and their qualities. From there they must fight to protect Skaia (The Game Board) and claim the ultimate reward from a faulty session. Since you are able to see through every single character’s point of view at least once in the comic there isn’t really a main character. The closest thing to a main character is John Egbert whom you meet at the very beginning of the comic. Homestuck comes in a wide array of different types of media such as short clips (with music), flash games, images and gifs along with the ever present pester log chats that display the dialogue of the characters on each page. All the way through the comic you meet many, MANY different characters a large portion of which are aliens, some of which were created by the game, others previous players of the game from their own home world. This comic has so many different layers and is so well thought through, the universe is just so thoroughly painted, even from the beginning, with each character having a rich and entertaining backstory to add to the big picture of the comic.
    The comic is not yet finished, but if you are planning to start reading, this shouldn’t bother you too much!

    If you wish to read the comic you may begin here =>


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