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7541466I remember when we lay together for the first time and I closed my eyes and felt the crackle of her dark hair between my fingers. She was all warmth and sparking light. When I was with her, my skin sighed that the center of the world was precisely here.

Anna is afraid she must be unlovable—until she meets Flynn. Together, the girls swim, eat banana cake, laugh, and love. Some days Flynn is unreachable; other days she’s at Anna’s door—but when Anna discovers Flynn’s secret, she wonders if she knows her at all.

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  1. I really recommend putting ‘About a Girl’ by Joanne Horniman on here! It’s my favourite book at the moment and is about Anna, a lesbian who has recently moved out, meeting Flynn, a girl that Anna always sees around. I love the diversity that this books has (Anna is LGBT, Flynn is aboriginal, Anna’s younger sister is autistic… It’s wonderful.) and how it is part of the story but it is not centred around it. It’s interesting to see what Anna goes and went through in her life and how she handled it, and if she did handle it badly, how she got out of it.


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