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9780731405978‘There’s something about me you don’t know. I don’t tell a lot of people, because …well …because they think I’m weird, I guess …I see things.’  He looked blankly at her.  She looked down, embarrassed. ‘Visions or images, usually. From the past. Objects, possessions, something that belonged to someone …it’s as if emotional energy leaves an imprint on it.’

Ella Howard has returned to Leighton Heads, where her mother Clare grew up, to forget about the nightmare of the past year. Using her ‘gift’ to help solve a child’s murder case has left her emotionally battered and determined to prove that she doesn’t need friends – doesn’t even want any.She soon discovers, however, that she is not the only one to seek sanctuary near the ocean wilderness – her meeting with a tortured young stranger threatens to draw her back to a place she thought she’d left behind.

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Comments on: "Ella’s gift – Casey Lever" (1)

  1. Ella’s gift has got to be one of my favourite teen books. I love how the crime and romance have been twisted together in this book. Ella really likes Simon, but is unsure of his feelings towards her. While their relationship grows stronger, they are challenged by the discovering of Simon’s brother’s body. Ella uses her physic powers to find out the truth about his death, and come quite close to death herself. Will Ella find the truth in this crime? Will Simon and Ella find the happily ever after they are looking for? I rate this book an 11/10, it so good and anybody would enjoy reading this romantic suspense.


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