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Gracie and Savannah are best friends – despite being totally different. Savannah is beautiful, outrageous and irresistible to the opposite sex. Gracie is shy, smart and would rather be learning about lizards than meeting boys. Together they make a great if surprising team and it seems like nothing could come between them – but over a long summer Gracie begins to question Savannah’s reliance on lies and manipulation to get her own way and wonders whether her friend is quite as confident as she seems. When Gracie meets a boy she really likes, and Savannah comes between them, Gracie realizes that maybe it’s time she started thinking for herself. The two friends may never be as close as they were but they’ve learned a great deal from each other.




Comments on: "My worst best friend – Dyan Sheldon" (8)

  1. Dominique said:

    I found this book very frustrating, and wouldn’t recommend it, I found myself saying ‘seriously?’ very often. I didn’t even finish end up finishing the book. Gracie was too shy, and wouldn’t stand up for herself. 2/10


  2. Kathryn said:

    I didn’t really like this book to be honest, it got a bit boring and I stopped reading half way through until a few weeks later when I didn’t have anything to read. I finished the book, and I only ended up getting annoyed at Savannah and mad at Gracie for not standing up for herself enough. In the end, I wouldn’t recommend this book and I rate it 4/10.


  3. Olivia G said:

    This book was incredible! I couldn’t put the book down! It’s about a friendship between two girls named Savanna and Gracie who are completely opposite yet are the best of friends. Savanna, a girl who is into boy bands, makeup and fashion decides to make Gracie, a girl who is shy and old fashioned lie for her so she could go meet a boy who is in college. I really liked how all through the book Gracie and Cooper, a boy who is very much like Gracie have always been there for each other from start to finish. I think this is an amazing book to read as it ties together a friendship where opposites attract as well as a close romantic relationship. I give it a 8/10.


  4. I am so glad the book is over and it was such a relief when i relisd it was. I was so happy that Gracie stood up for herself i was just thinking ‘you go girlfriend’. I also think it was really rude what Savanna did at the party. I think this part was one of the better parts of the book because it was the end of the book so all the drama and the exciting stuff was all happening.


  5. THE BOOK HAS ENDED! From page one my favourite characters have stayed the same. Gracie and Cooper. The two characters have been there for each other right through the whole book. The ending made me happy on so many levels. Savana is still my most disliked character. She is selfish and stubborn. When I thought she has gotten away with all the wrong doings, I jumped up in happiness. Her consquence on the final page was most exciting. This book proved to me that bad things do come back around and get you hard, and that actions do speak louder than words. I recommend this book to people who love drama and enjoy relationship confussion. This however was not my type of book and would’ve prefered a different kind. But to those who love this kind of book, it will be a real page turner. ENJOY!


  6. Awwwwwww cutie tuties, Gracie and Cooper you make me so happy that your together. I think this will definiatly be the beginning of a beautiful frienship of Gracie and Cooper ( more then a friendship)

    I found the book just ok. It was very cute at the end, it touched my heart. The book was boring but at the end it got a bit more interesting.
    My favourite part was when Gracie and Cooper got together. They are so cute and it touched my heart, so very adorable.
    My favourite character was Cooper, he was sp outgoing and so very cool. He is so cute to, I would go out with him any day
    I think I am a bit like Cooper because i am a bit crazy and out there like Cooper.
    I didnt really like any of the book, it was really boring, but I did like the end.
    I would change that there should be a better storyline and more romance and drama.


  7. This Book is finally over I am a bit glad about that but I am more glad that Gracie finally stood up to Savanna and Gracie and Cooper are together they are so cute. I think that the story was a bit to long and Savanna didn’t care about anyone but herself and that got really anoying by the end. My Favourate part of the book was when Gracie and Cooper got together.


  8. The book is finally over. I am very glad. I thought this book was just dull and boring and it didn’t have a very exciting storyline. There were bits and pieces that i enjoyed but as hard as I tried I just could not seem to get into the story. I think it could have been a bit more energetic. I breathed a huge sigh of relief at the end though because Gracie finally stood up for herself! When Savanna made Gracie lie for her and was controlling her was just so frustrating! I did like the ending though it was very nice and you can fell yourself just wanting to yell FINALLY GRACIE!!


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