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Comments on: "Paddington (movie)" (2)

  1. Paddington is one of the most well done movies for kids of 2015. Since I grew up around the bear, owning my own, knowing the story, history etc.. When the movie came out my
    family and myself we’re very excited. It didn’t disappoint either. My favourite part of the movie is the end when he nearly gets kidnapped but through some clever thinking and imagination he doesn’t. I can’t relate to Paddington because obviously his a bear, but saying that I can’t relate to any of the other characters because they are all so unique. If I could change one thing in this movie I would love a sequel and more on the history of the bear. For example who created it, the uses etc.. Because Paddington is really interesting. I would recommend this movie to any young child or family wanting a movie to suit all of them! 8.5/10! Xx


  2. I went to see the new movie Paddington and it was so good. It is about a young bear who moves out of the woods to live in the city with humans in search of an explorer who once came to visit him. So he is a cute, curious, talking bear. As he doesn’t know how things work in the human world he makes mistakes often and this is very entertaining. It is a very funny movie perfect for the whole family. I would recommend this to any age form young to old and would rate it a 9/10.


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