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What if wandering around in your neighbourhood,

are people with a bit of pixie in them, or a bit of elf, or a bit of goblin?

Ella always thought she was odd, but when a mysterious purple package is delivered to her house,

she discovers just how different she really is. She is a flitterwig — a human with Magical blood.

Soon Ella is swept up in a wild adventure. With the help of an emotionally unstable pixie,

she must stop the evil Duke, and save the Kingdom of Magus.”

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Comments on: "Flitterwig – Edrei Cullen & Gregory Rogers" (5)

  1. Jesse said:

    This book is very mystical and engaging! I loved Flitterwig mainly because of the cute and interesting characters. Is wasn’t one of the best books I read because I think it was a bit childish for my age. I would recommend this book for 9-12 year olds. I would give this book a rating of 7/10.


  2. i rate it 9\10


  3. i have just read the book it was so good i could not put it.
    i would get in trouble for staying up late reading the book but i didnt care cuz that book is so good!


  4. Ella always believed she was odd, but when she meets an distraught pixie she discovers just how different she really is. She is a Flitterwig – a human who has magical blood- and only she can save the kingdom of Maagus.

    I would probably give it a 3 ½ out of 5.

    It was a fairly easy read and pretty enjoyable, I would recommend this to younger levels because I believe they would enjoy it much more then older


  5. I recently read a book called Flitterwig by Edrei Cullen, and the author’s name isn’t the only exciting part. It is about a girl named Ella, whose mother has died, her father refuses to see her and her nurse detests her. Ella is willing to make friends with a pixie who she doesn’t even believe in, just to have someone to talk to. She soon discovers the complex world she has discovered and her importance to it. She is a flitterwig, the last hope of the magical kingdom of Magus! This book has lots of interesting, funny characters, you don’t know who to trust. Who is Charlie Snoppit? Is he in league with the evil duke? And are the ordinary peope she sees everyday really so ordinary??
    This is a good book if you want a bit of light reading for the weekend. I rate it 7/10.


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