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The year is 1919. Thirty years have passed since the man from Snowy River made his famous ride. But World War I still casts its shadow across a valley in the heart of Australia, particularly for orphaned sixteen-year-old Flinty McAlpine, who lost a brother when the Snowy River men marched away to war.

Why has the man Flinty loves returned from the war so changed and distant? Why has her brother Andy ‘gone with cattle’, leaving Flinty in charge of their younger brother and sister and with the threat of eviction from the farm she loves so dearly?

A brumby muster held under the watchful eye of the legendary Clancy of the Overflow offers hope. Now Flinty must ride to save her farm, her family and the valley she loves.


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Comments on: "The girl from Snowy River – Jackie French" (2)

  1. I recommend the book The girl from snowy river by Jackie French. It is a great story about determination and believing in you self in the hardest of times. Felicity is a strong girl who takes on the roll of looking after her younger brother and sister around the time of World war 2 (1919). The book is exciting and intense is some spots. It shows how tough life was for people back then in Australia. Felicity decides to go on a ride to an money for her family so she then can survive, in this part of the book it shows how strong, brave and the immense about of courage Felicity has. My favourite character in this book would be Felicity, she shows that any thing is possible and that even un the hardest times there is always a chance of something good coming form it. I defiantly recommend that every one reads this book I loved every part of this story.


  2. I recommend The girl from snowy river by Jackie French because it is a wonderful story of a girl called Felicity who after meeting a ghost from the future embarks on a dangerous journey to look after her younger brother and sister. This story is set after World War I when all of the soldiers who fought for Australia come home to their families. It is an exciting book with a small touch of romance and I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is willing to know how tough life was back in 1919 in Australia. My favourite part of the book is when Felicity goes on a big ride to earn 100 pounds for her family because she shows and immense amount of courage and bravery. My favourite character in this book was Joseph, Felicity’s little brother because he sets high goals for himself and is ready to step up and look after his family when he needs to. I loved every page of this book and found it extremely hard to put down.


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