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Emma Cameron was walking home from a party drunk, when she hears foot steps behind her. She turns around and a cloth with chloroform is put on her mouth. Everything goes black. That’s when everything changes…



Comments on: "Kidnapped to be sold – Isabelle Harris" (1)

  1. I recommend the book Kidnapped to Be Sold. This book gives tingles in your stomach but even though you get these tingles you just can’t help your urge to keep reading on. Because each chapter a new challenge comes to a teenage girl called Emma. Emma was kidnapped and when she went to the auction (where they sell girls that have been kidnapped) Emma gets sold. Emma got sold to a man named Julian and she tried to fight the urge but was falling for Julian and Julian was also falling for Emma. From this bad thing came both their ways. To find out what happens to Julian and Emma simply read the book! I rate this book to ages 14 and up. I rate this book 9/10.


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