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Filled with 25 creative projects, each individually imagined by Beci, and designed especially for the home environment, HOME will make you fall in love with your house, all over again. Similar to Find and Keep, HOME is filled with inspiration and crafty ideas, along with projects designed by Beci, but this time specifically created for you home. The book is separated into three spatial areas: Living Space, Working Space and Sleeping Space. Each chapter is filled with photos and quirky illustrations from Beci, along with solid ideas on how to beautify your home, Beci style. At the end of each chapter there is a collection of projects created by Beci especially for this book, each with a varying level of difficulty, but definitely something for everyone. Try your hand at making cushions, or creating your own duvet cover. Be inspired to design your own wall art, or perfect your workspace with carefully designed space-saving techniques that are both beautiful and functional.

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  1. Two of my favourite books in the whole wide world would have to be Find & keep and Home by Beci Orpin. Although these books aren’t chapter books, aren’t picture story books, they don’t have a start, middle or end and they don’t tell a story they are still my favourite books. I like these books because they are filled with wonderful and creative arts and crafts projects that I just love finding inspiration from and having my own go at being creative. There are so many wonderful projects that vary in difficulty for all ages and ability and simple step by step instructions to follow. I would have to rate them both 10/10.


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