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Comments on: "Finding Carter (TV series)" (3)

  1. Georgia said:

    I love the TV series, ‘Finding Carter’. It is based in the story of a teenager, Carter, finding out she was abducted as a toddler and she is returned to her biological family. It’s classified as a teen drama as many of the characters are teenagers. I cannot choose a favourite part of this TV series because I really love everything that happens. However I have many least favourite parts because I want to just yell at the characters sometimes! My favourite character would have to be Max because he is a real sweetheart. He’s loving and even though he comes from a dysfunctional family he tries to help the Wilson’s become a normal family. I would recommend this TV series to others because it is really good and thrilling at points. The plot line is quite easy to follow and each new and exciting sub plots occur in a lot of the episodes. It’s one of those shows you just want to watch on repeat!


  2. I started Finding Carter as soon as it came out and I was instantly hooked. It’s so enticing and captivating that you need to watch more. It has an interesting plot line and each episode is so thought out that you don’t get bored. My favourite character is Max, he’s really funny and very likeable. It’s a really good show and I would recommend it to people aged 13+. I rate it an 8/10.


  3. I have been watching a series called Finding Carter. Finding Carter is about a girl who got abducted when she was 3. 13 years later her parents found her. She meets her real mum, dad, brother and her twin sister. This series is really good. I would recommend watching it.


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