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  1. Deltora Quest is originally a book series by Emily Rodda. It revolves around our three protagonists Leif, Barda and Jasmine who seek to rid their land of the evil Shadow Lord by finding the lost gems of the Belt of Deltora, which is the only thing strong enough to defeat it. So I only realised earlier in the year that Deltora Quest actually had a t.v adaptation, and naturally I was a bit apprehensive. I watched the first episode, then the second, then a few more, and after I had finished the season I did a little research. Apparently Emily Rodda had received multiple offers for t.v adaptations. She chose this company because she felt that they would stick the closest to the books and she wanted any adaptation to be cool, hence why it is an anime. I think the company did a pretty decent job and the anime is enthralling and fun, which is what you want in a t.v show at the end of the day. If it sounds even mildly interesting you should definitely check it out, although I would read the book first even though they are written for children.


    For those of you who enjoy ABC3 you better start watching DELTORA QUEST. Lots of action,adventure,violence and romance. It is a great series, trust me you will not want to stop watching it is just absolutely amazing. My favourite characters are probably Jasmine and Lief. I can’t choose one favourite they both are amazing characters. jasmine just makes every one laugh and is a bit selfish. But thats what makes her special for the show. Lief is just a life saver. He is smart,intelligent,confident and quite hot. If you watch the episodes you will understand what I mean. my favourite part out of 50-60 episodes is when they go to ”The Valley of the Lost” When they make the belt of Deltora whole again. But thats not the end. If you don’t enjoy the series i doubt you will enjoy it read the books but the series is way better.


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