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As a frail premature baby Skye had been given numerous blood transfusions, one of which had transmitted the AIDS virus, not identified until after her fifth birthday. This is the story of her courageous – and tragic – battle for survival.

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Comments on: "Pink balloons – Beverley McGregor" (3)

  1. Hi,
    I am desperately searching for a copy of this book too.
    Please let me know how you tracked it down.



  2. i got recommend to read this and i did!
    A amazing true story about a young aids sufferer, a week after her 5th birthday she was diagnosed with aids, her family knowing she will die soon do everything they can to get her, her 100 pink balloons which she has got every year for her birthday and wants to live till she gets 100, you fall inlove with skye and her personality straight away. A sad but true story that brings a tear to your eye, and you cant stop reading, definitely recommend


    • Hi Ava,
      It was a beautiful book that I have been searching for to own and read again. Wondering where you got the book and if you knew somewhere I could buy it?



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