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In the blink of an eye. Everyone disappears. GONE.

Except for the young. Teens. Middle schoolers. Toddlers. But not one single adult. No teachers, no cops, no doctors, no parents. Just as suddenly, there are no phones, no internet, no television. No way to get help. And no way to figure out what’s happened.

Hunger threatens. Bullies rule. A sinister creature lurks. Animals are mutating. And the teens themselves are changing, developing new talents – unimaginable, dangerous, deadly powers – that grow stronger by the day.

It’s a terrifying new world. Sides are being chosen, a fight is shaping up. Townies against rich kids. Bullies against the weak. Powerful against powerless. And time is running out: On your birthday, you disappear just like everyone else…

Fantastic fiction



Comments on: "Gone – Michael Grant" (15)

  1. This series is so awesome! It’s filled with adventure, tears, drama, comedy and romance. I thought this book looked good but when I started to read it, it took such a surprising and unexpected turn. It just made it so much better! In Gone all the people over 15 years old just disappear. This book has so much happening in it that you just can’t put it down! I love how realistic the characters are in this book even if they are in unrealistic circumstances.
    Every character has it’s role to play and you can’t help but to love most but also have a raw dislike or others. I read all of this series, that’s how much I like it but none of the books ever disappointed, they were all brilliant. I rate this book a 9/10.


  2. Abbey said:

    This was an amazing book to read i have read it 3 times now and it is still an amazing read!!!
    I love all the characters and how they are described and I can really relate to some of them. My favourite would be Drake just because he is so twisted. This book at first I was unsure of then i read the first 2 lines and I was hooked. If you ever want to live properly you HAVE to read this book the storyline is so good and very scene is described in so much detail. I really love the leadership qualities that Sam shows to the town even though he has some personal issues that he has to sort out with Caine he still shows that he is fit to lead people even though he is so young. I stole this book from my brothers room for a joke but then i started and I couldn’t stop I made mum go out and buy me the rest of the series, which might I add get better and better with each book.
    The transition that 14 almost 15 year olds make is amazing they go from kids in school to leaders of a bunch of kids.
    This is a must read. 10/10!!!!!


  3. Wow! This is a fantastic book about when all the people over 15 years old just disappear. There are many twists and turns and it is really very interesting. I could not put the book down! I bought the book looking for drama and adventure and that’s what I got. It turns out one of the main characters Sam is the one everyone turns to for leadership. I most definitely recommend this book for anyone over the age of 12 to read this book! I also rate it 9/10


  4. The book Gone is one of my favourite books, it is filled with drama, some pinches of comedy, some romance, tear jerkers and action.
    My favourite part of the book was at the start when they were at school and all of a sudden the teachers disappeared, so did the year 9s, 10s,11s, 12s and the parents! They were so scared. Who was going to care for the babies? Who was going to control the kids?
    My favourite character is Sam Temple because he is brave and he has courage. He soon realized that he has powers that he can’t control! He knows what he is doing and how he can help.
    I can relate to Astrid because she likes helping her brother (Pete) and she likes Sam Temple. She has bright blue eyes (like me) and she is very good at problem solving.
    I don’t really like how some little kids pass away and the older kids have to bury them, it is so sad to think that the parents have no idea that there child has died.
    If I had to change anything in the book I would change some things at the start like that they would be home with there parents talking about family things (some might have some fights) then the kids come to school then all the adults disappear. I think that would’ve been better because you get to read about there families and it would add more interesting qualities.
    I have recommended this book to someone before, she was a librarian and I said to her “You have to read this book, it makes you want to read more!” After what I said I went back a week later and she thanked me. I always love to recommend different books especially this one.
    I think a really adventuress person that is looking for action and drama would love to read this book! I think this book is for the age 13 and up, because younger kids might find it hard to read and understand important parts of the book.
    This book is definitely one of my favourites and I definitely recommended this book to you!


  5. Olivia G said:

    Gone was an amazing book! I was hooked in the second I started reading. It started off with the poof! Before you know it everyone over the age of 15 disappears right before your eyes. Yet everyone else is trapped in the dome. Among these young boys and girls is Sam Temple, a 14 year old boy with unusual powers and his fifteenth birthday nearing. Soon he discovers he’s not the only “freak” in this new world. An upbringing of chaos breaks out as babies, toddlers and pets are left helpless and alone. Everyone looks to Sam for help and leadership but no one understands that he’s as scared as anyone else. With the help of a boy from Coats Secondary School everything begins to settle down. Yet Sam and his friends find out Cains real intensions to use his power for evil. Sam finds out how to control his power to take down Caine before Sam “poofs’! This is a great book full of adventure and mystery. I would rate this book a 9 out of 10.


  6. I absolutely loved this book. It starts with a bang which is what I love. I loved how the author says that Sam witnesses the impossible when everyone just disappears. when everyone over the age of 15 just disappears was a great start to start the book. I never found this book hard to read as every page you turn is yet another mystery. I read this book in grade six when everyone in the grade six year level was reading the series and they all where recommending it to one another. i so glad i got the book and have stated reading the next books and they are great too!! I would recommend it to people over 11 as it is a more mature book to read and understand. 10/10!!


  7. I would recommend the book gone to anyone that loves a book full of adventure and mystery. Imagine everyone over the age of fifteen disappearing in the blink of an eye, well that is what happens to Sam Temple. The whole series was so addictive that once you started reading one you had to read the rest. My favourite character is Astrid because she is kind caring and is the genius of the book.I loved reading this book there was never a second where the book got boring or uninterested me. This book is amazing.


  8. When life as you know it ends at 15, everything changes.

    Sam Temple was in school when it happened. When he witnessed the poof. The poof that sent everyone over 15 away. The poof that left babies alone in houses, children motherless and pets unattended. The poof that trapped everyone under 15 in the dome, kept adults and children separate through a barrier that encircles all of Perdido beach.
    Sam Temple is fourteen years old and lives in the seaside town of Perdido beach. Sam isn’t a hero. All he wants to do is surf all day long. He isn’t cut out to be a leader. But when all of Perdido beach tips slowly off normal and into complete disaster, kids look to him as a person of importance. Especially when Sam finds that he can sizzle through a wall of metal with his hands using the slightest effort. Nobody knows what they did to deserve this barrier and neither does Sam.
    As the children of Perdido beach battle through hunger and many enemies, Sam knows who he can and can’t trust. He certainly can’t trust Caine the mysterious boy from Coates academy. Who can move things with his mind. Who would die for power.
    Sam embarks on an adventure like no other as he prepares to protect Perdido beach- whatever it takes.
    In an accident years ago the power plant got hit by a meteorite that buried tons of uranium below the earth. Could the accident be connected to why the barrier is surrounding their seaside town? After all, the dome centres on the power plant.
    Sam and his friends will discover what it takes to be a true hero. What it takes to be a leader. And more importantly, what it takes to survive Perdido beach.
    Can he do it?


  9. Emily said:

    Poof!! Everyone over the age of 15 are….Gone!! I absolutely LOVED this book!!!! The series is so addictive once you start reading you just can’t stop!!!!! It has so much action there is never a boring moment! All the characters are really interesting and it is from multiple peoples perspectives!!

    The plot to this book is so brilliant!!! It was such a captivating and engaging book I Ioved every minute of it!!!!

    I just finished reading the whole series and it was so interesting right through the series!!!! It really captures everyones thoughts and emotions!!

    I assure you this is a fantastic series!! I rate this book 10/10


  10. Gone was a good read but isn’t my type of book. I was often con used by what was going on and how it was happening, It was intense, full of action and a smart story because not many other books are similar. The fight scene at the end with Cain and Sam is heart stopping. I would recommend this book to anyone 11+ because its a bit gutsy and to younger readers could be a bit scary. This book is perfect to anyone into super powers and that stuff. I would give a 7/10.


  11. I loved this book!
    The plot sounds interesting, everyone over the age of 15 disappears mysteriously, and nobody knows why! They are trapped in a huge impenetrable bubble, and have to find some way to survive. This book was so intriguing, and I literally couldn’t put it down. It may look big, but it really it goes very quickly.

    My favourite character I had to say was either Diana, or Astrid. They’re both the ‘boyfriends’ of the two main boys in the book, and have contradicting personalities. I love how Diana is so sarcastic and sceptical, even though she’s meant to be the bad girl. Astrid is just really cool with being some smart and seemingly knowing what to do in any situation.

    I did find some bits slightly frustrating, constantly switching points of view, when you really want to know something it changes to someone else! Though, the characters are all very interesting, with their own personal problems, hopes and desires which makes them very realistic. I seriously recommend anyone who likes to read to read this book, you just can’t miss it!

    I assure you, once you pick this book up, you can’t stop until you read the whole series, like I did. I think it would be best for 12 and up, and I rate it 10/10!


  12. Gone by Michael Grant
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel. It was creatively written and full of adventure, excitement and tension. My favourite part in this book was when Sam and Astrid kiss!! It was really exciting because they both liked each other…but never kissed until the end! My favourite character was Astrid, because she is really smart and intelligent and seems to know everything about Mathematics and Science and always makes good decisions. My least favourite part in the book was the beginning, because all the children were alone and crying without any parents. If I could change something in the book, it would probably be that it said what happened when you turn 16…where you go and what you do.
    Something I didn’t like about this novel was that it took me a long time to really get into it…the beginning was rather boring and I wish that it moved along faster than what it did, however once I got to the last half of the book, I just couldn’t put it down!
    I am really excited to read the next novel in this series “Hunger” and I would recommend this book to people who enjoy a good adventurous and creative story. I would recommend it to people ages 12+. I rate it 7/10!


  13. Sachi-Mae D said:

    In the blink of an eye, everyone over the age of fifteen vanish to never been seen again, there is a force-field that stops you from leaving, what would you do? In Gone by Michael Grant we meet an ordinary, surfer boy named Sam change to control the small town in the state California. I really enjoy this book and couldn’t put it down! This book it brings out the imagination of you to think what it would be like to live with no rules and no adults. When I was reading this book I couldn’t imagine what I would as gangs were shaped and struggled against everyone to be top of the town.
    This is one of my favourite books because you can relate to some of the things the kids have to deal with, I also love it because it involves love, action and danger. This makes the book more exciting every page you turn. My favourite character was Sam because you see him grow and change throughout the whole book, he also is very hot from the way Michael Grant described him.
    My least favourite part of the book is where an evil person by the name of Drake tries to kill Sam’s gorgeous girlfriend-Astrid.
    I recommend this book to everyone as it has a bit of everything and it is very hard to put down. Gone is a part of a series and I promise will get you hooked.


  14. Aleks B said:

    Gone. Poof. In the small town of Perdido beach all people over the age of 15 disappear, no explanation, no signs. In a story of adventure, revenge, romance, a boy named Sam steps up to keep this small town in control, sides are formed and fights are imminent. Kids start to develop strange powers and animals start to mutate. Join the kids of Perdido beach in one of the most exciting series of books yet.
    I loved gone! Its such an intriguing story. Its very creative and exciting. I love it how every clue isn’t let out at once, it is ongoing until the end which really draws you in.
    My favourite part of the book is when Sam uses his power of fire and burns one of the enemies, (Drake) hands off, it really made me happy as Drake is one of the most hated characters in the story.
    My favourite character is Sam, there’s just no going past him, he is a true leader and really steps up when it comes to jobs that need the be done.
    If I could change something in the book it would be that Drake dies, I really hate him that much! He only just lived from the fight with Sam and he comes back much more evil and villainous as before. If Drake had died there still would have been Caine who is still one of the biggest enemies, Sam would have still had the challenge to take him on.
    I would recommend this book to anyone from 12+, to fully understand it you have to be this age, but this doesn’t stop anyone from reading it!


  15. I recommend the book Gone, its probably my favourite series! Its about a small town in California where all the adults and kids over the age of 15 years old disappear suddenly with no reason. In a blink of an eye every adult and teenager was gone, leaving all kids free but not long after this happens everyone realises what adults did to this small Californian town. Also cut out of the outside world, trapped, theres no way in or no way out, leaving no power, no supervision and no rules. Gangs are formed and trouble brew. With no-one leading the town, someone must step in. There is 4 books in the series and 2 more to come! Gone would have to be my favourite out the series. It has so much drama, adventure, romance and a bit violence. When i got this book I couldn’t put it down! With Sam and Astrid relationship, Sam’s powers, finding out about Caine and also the fights between Sam and Caine. I love it! So intriguing! I adored this book! I would rate 10/10 and suitable for people 12+.
    If you love books, Gone is a book you must read!!


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