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Comments on: "Chasing Mavericks (movie)" (2)

  1. Daisy said:

    I actually love this movie soooooooo much it has such an amazing story and would inspire so many people. I love surfing myself and I think that this is a true connection to a passion of Jays. i think that Jay was very wise to chase after his dream even though he thought he wouldn’t be able to. He kept going each day and never gave up. I am definitely loving this movie and have seen it so many times. I would recommend this book to people 10 and up because it has a really strong story.


  2. I LOveeeeeee this movie it is so good. Again it is a surfing movie bout a young boy named Jay who has a dream that he wants to surf mavericks (The biggest waves in the world) This is a movie of courage and resilience. I think this movie is clever because it teaches young people to follow their dreams and to try their best at everything. I rate this movie a 10/10 it is like my favourite movie. My favourite character is Jay. He is so cute and he is courageous. I love how he keeps trying and he wants to be such a good surfer and keeps trying his best to be the best surfer he can. I recommend this to people over 10 because it can be a little bit scary !!!!


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