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Elizabeth Bennet is one of several sisters primed for marriage,
with an anxious mother only too desperate to see her daughters paired off with the finest,
richest husbands available.
Elizabeth is strong-willed and opinionated,
but her head (not to mention her pride and prejudice) lead her heart astray when she meets the wealthy Mr. Darcy,
whose own sense of decency and discretion (not to mention his pride and prejudice) prevent him from expressing his mutual affection.
They’re clearly meant for each other…

obscurely beautiful

Comments on: "Pride and prejudice – Jane Austen" (6)

  1. Isabelle F said:

    I started reading this old time classic but was soon stopped due to the vocabulary it certainly is a hard read but then I soon picked it up again, this book is an amazing book retelling the ball room dancing and how the mothers are desperately looking for a husband for her daughters. I can tell that the girls were big dresses and big and bold hair and try to look there best because there parents probably can’t afford to look after a lot of girls so they send them off. This book gives you a feel of what it would have been like to be in a small English town, in this book they don’t have cars but just a horse and cart it mentions in the book how Elizabeth goes to visit her sister but her dad needs the cart so she has to walk through the mud and through fields just to give her sister a visit. If you get sick in those days it is most likely that they wont recover because back then they didn’t have medicine or a doctor and if they did it would be a far way away. But I love this book it is a classic and I think that everyone should read it.


  2. Emily said:

    I love pride and prejudice because of the range of characters! One of my favourites is Lizzie because of her strong opinions and how openly and freely she acts and expressers herself. My others are Miss Darcy and Jane because they are both extremely nice and caring, Lydia who is one of the sisters I love too because of how opposite she is to Jane and Miss Darcy. Mr Darcy is my favorite guy because I love how he changes to a really nice and sweet guy after all he said and did to everyone. My favorite part of the book is when Jane is sick and has to stay at Mr Binglys house and Lizzie comes to nurse her. While she stays she verbally attacks and is attacked by Mr Darcy, and Mr Binglys sisters. My other favorite part is when she visits Mr Darcy’s house and he is so kind and sweet that you can tell that they are the perfect couple, and also she meets Miss Darcy here. Jane Austen is a excellent writer and Pride and Prejudice is a amazing book and I would definitely recommend it if you are into the classics.



  3. Pride and Prejudice is a classic. Jane Austen was one of the best writters of her time. My favourite character is the main one, Elizabeth Bennet. I like her because whenever someone forces her to do something, she has the courage to stick up to them and tell them what she thinks even if everyone is shocked. My favourite part of the book is when Mr. Darcy proposes to her but she refuses him even through she loves him, but it eventually ends in a happy ending.


  4. Pride and Prejudice is a light-hearted easy-read which i would reccomend to any one


  5. Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite classic stories of romance and love. I love this story because it is like every girls dream to fall in love with all the drama that comes along with it. This story is about the girls of the Bennet family and them becoming familiar with love, and some of them even finding love.
    I love this story and I would rate it an 8 and a half out of 10. I would recommend any girl to read this book because it is a great read!


  6. And finally…
    I am going to review “Prde and Predujice” by…you guessed it!- Jane Austen. I love my copy of the book, it’s all done in the old-fashioned style, with a hardback cover and gold patterns printed on it. But if that puts you off abook, don’t worry, there have been so many versions printed of this book thta I’m sure you can find on that will suit your needs!
    Anyway, If you haven’t heard of Pride and Predujice, it is basically the story of the Bennet family, in particular Elizabeth Bennet. They are a poor family consisting of a father, 5 daughters, and a mother who is determined to marry them off. And by the way they are living in I think around the 1800’s in England. So the writing is quite old-fashioned and it’s difficult to understand at first but then you sort of get into the 17th cetury “groove” and then it’s easy!
    So the story is about Elizabeth Bennet and her sisters, who are just beginning to learn about love, society and the ways of the world. For Lydia and Kitty, beautiful dresses and exciting balls are everything, for studious Mary books and bible verses dominate her mind, while the eldest, and more sensible girls Elizabeth and Jane are beginning to notice the attentions of the dashing new arrivals in town towards them. The book may seem a bit dull to some, but I think that’s probably because you haven’t really given it a good go. This is actually a beautiful, relatable and often humorous novel that everyone should read.


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