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Unable  to resist his appetite for scientific investigation, Galileo’s heretical discoveries about the solar system bring him to the attention of the Inquisition.  He is scared into publicly abjuring his theories but, despite his self-contempt, goes on working in private, eventually helping to smuggle his writings out of the country.


Comments on: "Life of Galileo – Bertolt Brecht" (2)

  1. Life of Galileo
    I actually really enjoyed reading and studying this play. I feel most people wouldn’t agree, maybe because it’s a school book they had to read, maybe because it was a play or a topic they don’t find particularly interesting. I had high hopes for this though because I take interest in the stars myself as Galileo did, I think this mindset is what made me enjoy it so much. I like Galileo’s character, mainly because it’s well developed, he’s arrogant and selfish but that makes him interesting. My favourite scene to study was Galileo’s recantation because everyone forms their own opinion about it, whether it was clever or cowardly, personally I think there was a bit of cowardice, but it was also logical, after all it did keep him alive and he was able to continue his studies. There’s a lot of conflict within the book that we study, some people find the conflict scenes hard to understand but you’ve got to take a step back into old times I think. If you take interest in the study of our universe or what’s beyond and how things work, I think you’ll like this play, give it a go 🙂


  2. Bertolt Brecht gives a compelling interpretation of “The life of Galileo”. An Italian scientist and philosopher, Galileo Galilea was confronted by various ethical dilemmas arising from the great power of science. A firm believer in “reason’s gentle tyranny over man kind”, Brecht prompts the reader to question the guise of religion over man. After being conflicted by conflicting conflicts, Galileo proved that the turbid waters of conflict can leave a great mark on any man and indeed on his whole kind.


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