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They know about the charm.

They know about our legacies.

They caught Number One, Number Two, and Number Three.

They killed them all.

I am Number Seven. One of six still alive.


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Comments on: "The power of six – Pittacus Lore" (5)

  1. The second book to this gripping series is all but confusing to those who don’t want to understand or believe the true meaning of these novels. I find it hard to put down any of these books but with the introduction of new guarde and the discovery of new abilities it is hard to not read ahead and find out what happens. My favourite character is the unknown Ella, who even knew where she came from or why but without her abilities and her help the guards are doomed. I really enjoyed the and I was genuinely good so I rate it a 9/10.


  2. Olivia G said:

    The Power of Six is an incredible book to read. I just could not put the book down! I think this is an amazing sequel to the first book I Am Number Four as it really ties it all in by introducing more characters such as Number Seven, Nine, and Ten. I love how it shows Six, Sam and John going on a quest together to unite all the Garde to take down the Mogodorians. This in my favourite book in the series so far as it has a brilliant mix of action and romance. Marina would have to be my favourite character as she has an awesome legacy to heal the wounded. But I do like the relationship between John and Sarah as they make a cute couple. I really like the sound of the planet Lorien a it is very intriguing and sounds like paradise before the attack. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves jaw dropping, heart-gripping action-packed stories. I rate it a 9/10!


  3. Lincoln R said:

    The Power of Six is an amazing sequel to the first book, I am Number Four. It includes romance, action, adventure and sci-fi themes. It introduced even more numbers to the story like number ten, nine and seven. My favourite part would have to be when John (Number Four) finds and frees Number Nine from a Mogadorian prison. I recommend this book to everyone who enjoyed the first book I am Number Four. I rate this book 10/10. A must read!


  4. The Power of Six was an action-packed, addictive, romantic, amazing book with the most incredible characters and world.I love the character John in this book and Sarah i think they make an adorable couple. I also found the rivalry between John and number at pretty funny although i hope they patch things up in the next book. I find all the science fiction things really fascinating, like the healing stones and all the cool powers. I also find the planet lorien really intriguing it sounds like it was paradise. I am insanely desperate for the next book and for this one to be made into a film, because it was just so epic! I would have to rate it a 10/10. I t is definitely my favourite series i have ever read :p


  5. I recommend the book the power of six, it is the sequel to I am number four and I think it is even better than I am number four. It is amazing because it shows how Six, Sam and John go on a quest to find the others to unite against the Mogadorians. My favourite part of the book is when Marina finds out about Ella’s age changing ability. I think my favourite character is Marina because of her awesome legacy to heal things and the fact that she tries to develop her legacies even though her Cepan won’t help her. I don’t have a least favourite part of this book because I enjoyed it so much I wouldn’t change a thing about this book. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who liked the book or movie I am number four. I rate this book 11/10


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