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Paranatural is best described as “X-Men meets Ghostbusters except everyone’s twelve.” It’s a comedy/action comic about a group of middle school kids with ghostly superpowers fighting evil spirits and investigating paranormal activity in their hometown.

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  1. I would like to recommend the webcomic Paranatural! This comic is mainly in the point of view of our main character, who’s name is Max. Max has just moved to Mayview with his father and his sister and despite being upset about it, agrees to get fully integrated into town life as soon as possible. However, the town is full of these strange purple monsters and Max begins to think he is going insane. I truly love this comic, from the art-style, to the facial expressions (They are the literal best no joke), to, of course, the storyline, this comic is awesome! They even have realistic expectations for characters of a younger age group (which most forms of media don’t seem to display much these days sadly). I would have to rate this comic 10/10 because I didn’t stop reading it until I hit the latest update. Now I check the site twice a week like a sucker because I am waiting for an update, it does update pretty regularly though so nothing to worry about!
    If this sounds really good to you
    click the link below to begin reading the comic!


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