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Set in Greece in 430 B.C., Nic, the spoiled son of a wealthy Athenian family, is on the run. If only he can reach Olympia in time for the Games and find his friend Gellius, he thinks he’ll be safe. But the Pankration, the supreme event of the original Olympic games, a bare-fisted, no-holds-barred combat sport, awaits Gellius. And in the end it’s the Pankration that forces Nic to choose between the truth and a horrible fear.

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Comments on: "Pankration – Dyan Blacklock" (1)

  1. i recommend the book Pankration by Dyan Blacklock. This book is a gripping story about the first olympics. This book is an action packed story from the author of Comet Vomit and Crab Bait. The pankration an event in the olympics of which most onlookers came to see, was the strongest men in greece fighting bare-fisted and unarmed, until one of them surrendered. or died. This was a blood sport. In this book my favourite character was Gellius. He was extremely brave and did some great things throughout the book. I recommend this story for kids ages 10+. I rate a 7/10. It was extremely exciting and I really enjoyed it. I hope you enjoy it as well if you read it it’s great


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