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Hugo (movie)


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  1. Alana said:

    I thoroughly enjoyed Hugo the movie, this is because it was a different to what I consider a ‘normal’ children’s movie. As it was set in another country in a completely different time made it more enjoyable and intriguing to watch. I didn’t have a favourite part of the movie though, because I found all of it fantastic and interesting. My favourite character however is Hugo, because of his determination in order to complete his father’s robot, and commend him for all the troubles he went through. My least favourite part of the movie was how Hugo was orphaned and before his father died, had such a strong relationship with him. I wouldn’t change this movie at all due to it being like I said, different for a children’s movie. I recommend this for anymore but more specifically children aged 8+.


  2. Saskia said:

    this movie is really good but also quite sad and i found it a little hard to watch because it upset me little. Don’t get me wrong its an amazing movie filled with adventure and is so interesting and the effects and what its set on it amazing but its just not my taste. Don’t get me wrong it is good but can be sad. Its great if you love mystery movies in ome way.I recommend this movie and book!


  3. Tylah said:

    Hugo is a fantastic movie it has very creative film techniques.
    I loved the part when hugo fixed the otomiton. This movie educated me in away, it told me how the people in the old days felt about watching a movie because they had a movie and a train ran past and the people watching the movie ducked because they thought it was going to hit them. The movie is jam packed with twist and turns you never know whats going to happen next. I would recommend this to anyone above the age of 6 because if you were any younger it might be a bit confusing to understand/ know what is happening.
    I felt sorry for hugo because his dad past away and his uncle made him run the clocks without being payed and his uncle got the money.
    this movie is great so go and watch it today!!


  4. Hugo the movie is spectacular. Filled with action, mystery and a bit of history. One of the best directors Martin Scorsese has done an absolutely brilliant job. The movie is set in Paris and starts of seeing young Hugo Cabret in the clock in the train station.Hugo also gives us knowledge on the past. I surprisingly learn’t a lot from it. The message of this movie is don’t give up hope and keep moving forward. Don’t give up and challenge yourself. Hugo Cabret taught himself a very valuable lesson as well. Even though he is an orphan he was put on this planet for a particular reason he was here for some purpose. It is a treasure and a thrill to watch. I recommend it to anyone who’s wanting an exciting adventure.


  5. hayley said:

    OMG! This movie was soooo good I loved the part when Hugo gets out on the ledge of the clock and holds on for life! Its true that it is a must see in 3D, I saw it in 3D and it was soooo good!! I think the 3D is at its best when Hugo is dreaming about the train and it comes out at you. The book of this is just as good as the movie and I loved how they are so following on the same lines and unlike some movies it hasn’t gone and added or taken away characters.
    I think this movie would be good for people 5-6 years or older because there are some parts that might scare kids under that age and even some kids near this age might get scared because of the train dream and some of the unexpected twists like the small tunnels and Hugo dreaming about him turning in to a clock. But all in all I loved this movie and I think every on will love it once it starts!


  6. Keeley said:

    Hugo is one of the best movies I saw in the whole holidays i have not read the book but just seeing the movie wants me to it is a worth while 2 and and a half hours of sitting in the cinemas.
    And it such a great movie that it is in my dream destination Paris and it has such a good view of the city from the mane clock.
    And it has also got so much action and problem solving.

    You need to go see it best movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Seen the movie now I need to reed the book.


  7. Hugo – Movie
    I have recently seen Hugo in the cinemas. It was a great movie and a little bit heart wrenching. My favourite character is Hugo himself because he is so into re-building his otomitom. I love the movie because it is set in my dream holiday destination, Paris!!


  8. Even though I haven’t read the book ‘The invention of Hugo Cabret’ I recently saw the movie ‘Hugo’ and would definitely recommend it. I liked the movie because it portrayed that no matter how bad your life seems or how hopeless you think you are, you can always know that you are in this world for a reason; because a machine, like the world, never comes with any spare parts. My favourite part of the movie was when Hugo achieved his goal and finally uncovered the secret message left by his father because it was such a built-up element of the story. My favourite character would probably be Hugo’s friend Isabelle because she is always so full of excitement and anticipation as to what will happen next in their adventure. If I could change something about the movie, it would be that Hugo’s invention doesn’t break at the end of the movie, because it was quite disappointing. But what came after as a result of the breakage that was quite significant, so in that sense I wouldn’t change it. I would recommend this movie to people 12 and over, with no particular gender. I recommend it because it’s uplifting, inspiring, full of excitement and portrayed in a very unique way!


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