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Comments on: "Captain America: the first avenger (movie)" (4)

  1. Georgia said:

    Captain America: The First Avenger is set in the time of WW2 when Hitler’s science division Hydra had plans to destroy the world practically. Steve Rodgers does what he has to do in order to fight the Nazi’s and save mankind, which eventually allows him to emerge in the ice for roughly 75 years. He loses family, friends and a lover on his journey in becoming an avenger to take place in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe – Avenger’s series. I loved this movie as Captain America is one of my favourite superheroes, and I love the superhero franchises. Steve Rodgers is obviously my favourite character and I had a ball watching what he goes through in this film, even though there were times that were hard. As it is the first film of a trilogy (thus far) and Captain America does feature in other films like Avengers it would be weird to watch just one and not the whole franchise. I recommend this film to superhero lovers and those who enjoy the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


  2. Captain America is one of my favourite movies of all time. There is so much adventure and action going on in the movie. It is a movie where you just want to know what happens next and won’t stop watching it until you do finish the movie. Captain America is apart of the Avengers so if you are a fan of iron man , hulk, or black widow this movie is definitely for you. I have seen this movie many many times and trust me it never gets old. Each time I watch it I pick up something that I never new. Brief description: it is a movie about an ordinary man that is changed into superhero! I would definitely give this film a 10/10 no doubt about it. I reckon ages 12+ is a good age because there is a lot to understand and try pick up. 🙂


  3. Kelly O said:

    Do I recommend Captain America: The Fist Avenger! Yes I do! Captain Steven Rodgers is soooooo HOT!! arghh! Its crazy, first hes a little being and then wow into a man he goes! I this this is the most amazing movie because first of all its a marval movie and secondly its about the 1942 war. I Have found this very interesting when I have done research on it. This movie is a bout a little man who has some CRAZY scientist experiments done on him just so he can go to the war. He is very smart and cheeky, I though it was really funny when all the men were trying to climb up the pole, and if the got the flag at the top of he pole they would not have to run back to campus, well all the men were trying and failing but then he just went along and pulled the pin out that was keeping the pole upright, the pole fell down and he got the flag. OMG it cracked me up!!!!! So simple yet so hard! 🙂 I would give this film a 10/10 as I would all the marvel movies. I think that you should be over 10 at least to watch this film though. Have fun!


  4. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER! It is a brilliant movie and also a Marvel superhero movie. Chris Evans portrays the role of Captain Steven Rogers, a noble courageous man from Brooklyn who wants nothing more than to serve his country in the 1942 war. After a science experiment turning him, a scrawny little man into a tall muscular soldier he fights in the war as ‘Captain America’ against ‘The Red Skull’. I recommend this movie to all ages over 9 due to some violence and frightening scenes/faces.


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