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  1. The movie ‘Freaky Friday’ is about a mother, Tess and her daughter, Anna who don’t always get along. They are always arguing and yelling at each other. Then when they go out for Chinese food a Chinese woman casts a spell on them and she switch bodies. They have to find a way to get themselves back to their normal selves. But I won’t spoil the ending. I was really eager to find out what would happen next and I think you will feel the same. I thought it was a great movie and really interesting to watch. I would give this movie a 7/10 and I would recommend it to anyone who loves a chick-flick.


  2. ‘Freaky Friday’ is a fantastic movie to watch with your whole family. It is about a mother, Tess, and her daughter, Anna. One night they have dinner at a Chinese restaurant and receive a fortune cookie, they think the message is just a silly fortune…Next morning they find that they are in each others bodies, so Tess (mother) has to pretend she is Anna and go to her school, and Anna (daughter) has to pretend she is her mother and go to her work. This movie will get you rolling on the floor laughing because they muck up each others lives with out meaning to and try to fix it but actually make it worse! I recommend this movie to everyone who is in for a laugh! I give this movie a 9 out of 10.


  3. Kelly O said:

    Freaky friday is a funny quirky movie, that shows the diference between generations. It is about two women who switch bodies and have to adapt to each others lives. I really like this movie I thought it was really funny when I watched it. I really like the characters in this film they are very different and weird. This film is a bit of a romantic, touching, humorous film. I would rate this a 7.5/10. I would recommend this film to people over and at the age of 9 because I think that if they were any younger they would not get some of the jokes!


  4. Francesca De Angelis said:

    Freaky Friday is a great movie to watch. It is a funny comedy to watch about a mother and daughter relationship. The movie Freaky Friday stars Lindsay Lohan as Anna Coleman and Jamie Lee Curtis as Tess Coleman, Anna’s mother. It shows the relationship between Anna and her mother and how they don’t really get along. Throughout they movie both Anna and her mother struggle to get along but in the end they learn to get along with each other. This movie will make you laugh. I rate this movie a 9 out of 10 because its really funny movie to watch over and over again.


  5. Georgie P said:

    I really like this movie. It is really funny and quirky and I love the characters in it sooooo much because they all are very different and unique. It would be really hard to act as a teenager or act as a mum especially when you are trying to change back to be your normal self. I rate this movie an 8/10.


  6. April said:

    I love this movie. I loved this movie so much because it is really funny. I would have loved to be on set when they were filming in eachothers lives to see how the copped with it. I thought it was so funny seeing an adult do all of those thing. Also the cast was really good especially Jamie Lee Curtis. I give this a 10/10!!!


  7. Freaky Friday is such a great movie it has the funniest comedy in it and a great family movie.
    My favourite part is when the mother and daughter switched places into each others body s, I laughed so hard it was so funny.
    It is a story about a relationship, responsibility and love.
    I would recommend it to everyone who enjoys a laugh.
    I really would consider you watching it as it is a touching and loving story that will come close to your heart!
    have fun and enjoy!


  8. Freaky Friday is one of the best movies ever!!! It shows the differences between mothers and daughters and how different things really are between them! Freaky Friday is about a teenage girl who thinks her mother is recking her life, when really her mother is trying to protect her. The mother thinks that her own daughter doesn’t realise how hard she works and the daughter as I said thinks her mother is recking her life. So one day, they went to a restaurant to find them selves being put under a spell because a women saw them fighting about their differences. After they realise they are under a spell and have been put in each others bodies, they eventually realise what they have been doing to each other and how they have been effecting each others lives. In the end they break the spell and become closer than ever. This movie is funny, musical, interesting freaky and just great!!! I love this movie and would recommend it to anyone! I would rate it 5/5 because it is just so good!


  9. Freaky Friday is such a good movie with lots of comedy and family love. I think it is a great movie because you are laughing the whole way through, at all the funny events which happen after a mother and daughter swap souls. It is about a mother and daughter relationship and about how they can reverse the spell which has been cast upon them. My favorite character is the Mum, as she is so hilarious. I laughed my lungs out! I also love the fact that the mother and daughter become closer together because of the spell. It is a really touching, funny and fun movie and I would suggest it to EVERYONE!


  10. Freaky frida is FREAKY Its a really good book. It is about a girl and mum who go t a chinese restaurant ad r given a fortune cookie. Once they eat it they feel an earthquake that no one else feels other than them. Once the clock strikes midnight they all of a sudden switch bodies with the mum in the girls body and the girl in the mums. This is a great movie, my favourite part being when she goes to the band audition and has no idea what to do but the girl helps her. My least favourite part is when she gets a detention. My favourite character though is the little boy which reminds me of by brother. I really do love this movie, its funny, fantastic, strange, and FREAKY. I recommend this movie for absolutely everyone. 10 out of 10 for me


  11. freaky friday is a really funny movie, about a normal mum and daughter who take a fortune cookie at a restraunt saying hinting something strange, the next morning they wake up in different bodies, meaning the daughter in her mums body! at frist they hate it so much they try to reuin each others reputations but afterwards they get nicer and the ending is good so i recommend you watch it


  12. This is funny becasue it’s quirky and a bit weird. The storyline is good because they switch bodies and have to deal with each others problem. They learn to live like each other and learn what how hard it is for the mum to be a teenager in this modern day and for the teenager to learn how to live like an adult and matures. It’s a good movie for pre-teens, aimed at a younger age group. 7/10 It’s a good family movie, my favourite part is when the grandpa thinks there is an earthquake


  13. This is a funny, freaky movie that was one of my .. younger child hood favourites. My favourite character is the teenager, she is played by lindsey Lohan. I think it is funny how she reacts to being in her mum’s body. I can’t relate to any of the characters but understand how they feel and what they think. My least favourite part of the movie is when the mum and new dad kiss, it is sort of gross. I recommend the movie to everybody at sacred heart and whoever enjoys a little laugh.


  14. I recommend the movie Freaky Friday. I love this movie a lot and i highly recommend this movie to people that like movies that are weird,funny and mostly freaky!! I love this movie because it just has a little bit of everything it is funny,weird,exciting and lots more.
    I think that girls from the age of 11-15 would like this movie and i highly recommend it.


  15. I recommend the movie freaky friday.It is a really good movie and i highly recommend it.I don’t really have a favourite character in this movie because they swapped places.I would recommend this movie to people who like something that is different that happens.My favourite part of the movie would have to be when they swap places.I would rate it 7/10.


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