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This is the story of a boy. He is called Mick by his father, Tom, and Storm Boy by the Aboriginal loner Fingerbone he befriends. This boy is growing up in an isolated corrugated iron shed next to a wildlife sanctuary. He lives with his father, who supports them by fishing alone. He is not attending school; he is illiterate and ignorant, and he doesn’t know any better. But he seems content with his life, and a little less curious about the outside world than one might expect. There’s a telling moment when he brings home a radio that washed up on the beach (he found it while looking for driftwood to burn). His father tells him to throw it away, because if he listens to it, he’ll hear advertisements and want things he can’t have.

There are intrusions on their life. A mob of idiot bird shooters kill a number of birds before they are scared off by Fingerbone (he shoots near them). Amongst the dead are some pelicans whose chicks are still in the nest. The boy brings them home to care for. His father isn’t keen, but permits it. Three pelicans become a lot to feed when they reach maturity, so his father insists on releasing them. Two are never seen again, but one, Mr Percival, keeps coming back.

Another intruder is the new primary school teacher, brought by the park ranger – she is concerned about his education, and pushes hard for him to be sent to school, or at least to do schoolwork by correspondence. She means well, but she is resented by the father – he doesn’t want anything to change in their reclusive life.


Comments on: "Storm Boy – Colin Thiele" (9)

  1. Storm Boy is an amazing book about a boy who saves three pelicans and cares for them. It’s heart warming and sad when he has to let them go back into the wild but he loves the all the same. I would recommend this and rate it a 6/10


  2. Grace said:

    Storm boy is a beautiful story, sad and heart-warming. Nick is a strong intelligent character who lives with his father in the dunes of South Australia within a tin shack. He finds three pelican chicks and saves them from their nest. Nick raises the three pelicans. When it is finally time to let them go only one comes back to meet him, Mr Percival. This book has a wonderful story and is a pleasure to read.


  3. storm boy is a great book that I loved to read back in primary school.
    storm boy is a very heart warming and sad book and not one part is boring.
    It is a very easy read that I think any boy or girl would love to read.
    I recommend storm boy to 7-11 year olds who love a great read.


  4. It make’s me want to cry


  5. I think the bond between the two is remarkable


  6. I think it is important to point out that Maree’s review appears based on the film, rather than the actual book. There are significant differences between the two. Storm Boy was far from ‘ignorant’. Thiele tells us that “Storm Boy had learned enough to fill a hundred books.” Certainly, he had not participated in formal schooling. He does eventually travel away to attend school, but is already wise beyond his years.


  7. How does storm boy find Fingerbone?


  8. i remember reading this book in about grade three and it was my first chapter book that i ever read. This book touched my heart, it was so sad but also so good at the same time. It is about a young boy called nick who finds three pelicans after they had been left in there mothers nest, as she was killed by a gun. He raises the pelicans, He never sees two of the birds ever again but one of them named Mr Percival keeps coming back. This book is recommend for anyone who likes to read. Once you start reading this book you will not be able to put it down. I loved this book and so will you so enjoy!


  9. I am doing my review is on a book called storm boy by Colin Thiele. I have read this book so many times because it was so good. Storm Boy and his father Tom live in a shack in the sand hills of the South Australian coast, an area known as the Coorong. Storm Boy saves the life of 3 baby pelicans, This is the story of the strong bond which develops between them as they explore the wild and wonderful coastland.


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