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  1. Reign is a TV series about the life of Mary Queen of Scots, but it is not as boring as you may think it sounds. It is not necessarily pin point historically accurate because the storyline of her life has been dramatised but it is a good kind of dramatised. It also has some not so historically accurate dresses, however they are gorgeous dresses.
    It all begins when Mary returns from her sanctuary at a convent back to court, alongside her hilarious and fun friends Mary enters into a world of backstabbing, politics and love. Of course it has it’s love triangles and power triangles but it will sort itself out among schemes, attempted assassinations and festivals. My least favourite character so far is King Henry II because is he a power hungry bully and a brute. However, I have only watched the 1st season and so who knows what will happen. I would rate this show a 10/10, and recommend it to anyone who loves a good historic story, but over 13 years of age because there can be some blood and guts spilt.


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